There are many kinds of intimate relationships in modern society, as times become increasingly liberal. And while nobody has any right to pass judgment on anyone else for their choice in these matters, it is always wise to make sure one’s partner(s) are on the same page. As a whole, even in these liberal times, infidelity can be the destroyer of the strongest relationships out there, even if it’s not actually present.

This is the case of men who suspect they have a cheating wife. Suspicion can be a real green eyed monster, they say. This is entirely true. The problem is that an idle suspicion, especially in something so fragile as a relationships will eventually snowball.

A man may be watching a TV show where the topic is a cheating wife, or see an old sitcom playing a joke about the very form of out of control paranoia he is about to experience himself. It can get an individual wondering, and then crossing the line to unfounded suspicions is but a tiny footstep.

The problem for most men (and many will admit it) is that once a man has a suspicion he has a cheating wife, problems begin to escalate. The suspicion turns into paranoia, which then turns into contempt and bottled emotions that are unhealthy.

Many a man has one day just lost containment of this and accused their spouse of being a cheating wife, when she would never dream of doing such a thing. Fights and stress and hurt spawn from this, and before long, the relationship is toast.

One misconception that causes many men to become overly suspicious is simple. There is a common misconception that men are vastly more likely to cheat than women. While this may have been true before the days of women’s liberation, that is no longer accurate.

Now that women are out from under the oppression of male domination in society, they are no longer being brainwashed into the stereotypes their mothers had been forced to be. This newfound freedom has allowed them to just be what all of us are. And that is human, with which comes human nature. When men discover this fact, it is often a shock. Couple this with the self-esteem issues most men over 30 tend to suffer from, and the explosion is impending. Soon there will be suspicions that he has a cheating wife.

This is not to say that all suspicions of cheating are false and serious signs should not be ignored. As said above, women will cheat, as men will, if they have the kind of mindset and personality that leads to it. Like any other frowned-upon habit, there are fairly standard tells one can learn to find out if one has a Cheating spouse.

In previous times the only way to go about it with any proficiency was to hire a private investigator to catch them in the act, but in modern times there is an invaluable source of

Websites such as can give some insight into this world of debauchery and infidelity.

Cheating wife website can provide not only frequent articles on the subject by experts, psychologists, and private investigators, but also information from the other side of the fence, allowing one to get inside the head of a cheater to beat them.

The “how to be a cheater” section on Cheating wife is intended for this use but of course, there are those who will take this information at face value, and take the morally bankrupt route.

The ultimate thing to consider though if one suspects they have a cheating wife, is to consider how much one knows their wife to begin with. If the marriage is more than a decade old especially, any new and sudden suspicions can also have other implications. If there are obvious signs something is wrong or amiss, and it indicated a cheating wife, then one of two things has happened. Either the husband did not know the wife as well as he had suspected, which makes the relationship pretty much a sham, or something has changed, not for the better, in the relationship.

While the standard moral consensus is that cheating is absolutely wrong, the cheating wife may not entirely be to blame for the larger problem the cheating is a symptom of. One must remember that a relationship is a two-sided effort from both participants. This means that if a husband has changed unpleasantly, or has shown (even if inaccurately) a waning interest in his partner, this can lead to the partner pursuing satisfaction sexually and emotionally elsewhere.

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