A day at Chester races promises to be an experience that will linger in your heart as long as possible, whether you are celebrating a special occasion, entertaining clients or just having good-time with colleagues or friends. Chester races hospitality is one of the things that make your experience at Chester races unforgettable.


You will find seasoned chefs, delectable menus, unparalleled services, varieties of wines and champagnes, stylish environments and other stunning attractions that make Chester Racecourse famous. These and other experiences would heighten your experience at Chester Races. Best Chester Hospitality packages such as stylish festival chalets, Parade Ring Marquee, Private Box and others await you. As 2011 is around the corner, ensure that you make earlier preparation for Chester Races 2011; a book for Chester Racecourse Hospitality best packages on time and be sure that you will enjoy a fine day of entertainment while watching horse racing. Get the best Private Box that will enable you to have a good view of the racecourse. Also, you will find the wide range of suitable venues in Chester with precise requirements for your social and corporate events.

Chester is popular for being an enchanting venue where style meets fashion in terms of hospitality packages and the entire race course atmosphere. The ushering in of racing starts with the 3-day May Festival, which puts Chester in the racing limelight nation-wide. Following the May Festival is another 11 days (and evenings) of racing all through summer. Each event features a unique identity and appeals to provide you with the wide range of exciting experiences. Remember that you can embark on Chester Races Corporate Events if you are planning any corporate event this season.


An Overview of Horse Racing

As an equestrian sport that has been in practice from time immemorial, horse racing is associated with gambling. Horse races gambling generated a global market worth approximately 115 billion USD in the year 2008. The sport is a major international industry that is watched virtually in the entire nations of the world. Three types of horse racing exist; Steeplechasing (racing over jumps), Flat Racing and Harness Racing.

The distances involved, the racing style as well as the types of events would depend on the country where the racing is taking place; also, different countries embark on different types of horse races. Chester Races is very popular, especially with the Chester Racecourse Hospitality that accompanies the events.

Horse Racing in Great Britain

There are races involving obstacles in Great Britain – the obstacles could be fences or hurdles. These categories of races are known as National Hunt racing. Also, there are races that are obstructed over a particular distance – flat racing. A good number of horse race sport’s renowned jockeys have been British. Notable among them is Sir Gordon Richards.

Chester Racecourse is such that fills everyone with expectation; and now, as the Chester Races 2011 fast approaches, preparation has already begun. This is a great time to find the best Chester Races Corporate Events hospitality packages. Also, whether you want to have a nice time out with friends, or celebrate a special occasion with your family, you will find the best hospitality treats at Chester Races.

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