The most celebrated festival in the world is here! Ho! Ho! Ho! Yes, it’s time for Christmas! Festivals are an integral part of our lives. We tend to look forward to them all the time. So we asked kids what their favorite thing about Christmas and New Year’s parties was and of course they said gifts and games. Here are the top 5 games that the kids love. We hope these heart- warming stories will help you make memories of your own with your tiny ones!

  1. Secret Santa– This is where you make chits with everyone’s names in it and pick them one and keep the name a secret from everyone. That’s your Chris kindle and you are their Santa. Now it’s your duty to go monkeys and buy or make something for them.

“I love the suspense. Starting from picking up a name chit to gifting my cousins what I got for them, it is so exciting. I love being Secret Santa. This year I was my brother’s secret Santa, so I got him batman shorts. He loved them and acts like batman now every time he wears them!” 10-year old Lina said.tumblr_mfkkgnbrJ81qcmpgko1_500

  1. Holiday ABC’s– This game helps you trick your kid into studying in the guise of a Christmas game. If you have a huge gang of kids coming over for a party, use this as an annual spelling bee. This would be a brilliant excuse to ensure your kid doesn’t get bored while studying, as you can use this as a pretext to prep your kid to win the contest.

“My mom gives us a paper with all the alphabets and divides me and my friends into groups of 3. Then we all have to write words starting from each alphabet that are related to the festival. Mujhe ‘C’ se Christmas likhna tha and meri best friend ko candies. So we just wrote both and we even won! We got a new set of crayons and art book as the prize!” 6-year old Kanak exclaimed!tumblr_mydlvoht6A1rbybp4o1_500

  1. Passing the gift– Who doesn’t love passing the parcel? But what if you have to unwrap a gift every time the music stops? The age-old passing the parcel with a twist is a favorite among the kids. Just make sure that these gifts are simple, as you don’t want a Harry Potter v/s Dudley Dursley showdown happening in your party.

“I love gifts. So last Christmas mummy got a huge box and wrapped it with the gift paper that has so many Santa’s drawn on it. When my friends came for the party she told us to sit in a circle and played Jingle Bells. I was so excited. Fir, mummy said k jiske pas b gift hoga when the music stops, will open the gift! Kholne k baad we found another box inside it which was also wrapped. We opened 5 boxes and the last box was filled with Chocolates and candies. My friends loved the game and also said that my party was the best. It is my favorite game!” said 11-year old Saurabh with great pride.harry-potter-and-the-philosophers-stone-gallery

  1. Karaoke– Simplest game. Sing along to the words on the screen. A note to parents, you WILL need ear-plugs. Be armed.

 “We always have a Karaoke at the New Year party. Papa connects a mike to the speakers and then we all sing. I sang Blue eyes last time with my best friend Kush!” said 8-year old Rahul.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  1. Treasure Hunt- Treasure hunt is always fun, but when it’s Christmas, you know the treasure will be much more ‘valuable’ and Santa will make it more fun! Using Christmas related clues will help increase your kid’s general knowledge. Another brilliant cover-up to get the kids bury their noses in the books.

 “Last year papa hid our New Year gifts in the house and made clues. My friends and I had to find our gifts. It was like a treasure hunt!” told 9-year old Khushbu.treasurehunt We hope these fun games help you make your Christmas / New Year parties a monumental success!

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