Christmas traditions and customs around the world

Many of our current Christmas traditions come from Europe, such as Christmas trees, Advent wreaths, Christmas carols and gingerbread houses. The holiday season is going to start soon, let us learn some Christmas traditions and hIstory. Why do we celebrate Christmas Day? And how is Christmas celebrated around the world?

Christmas Day and Christmas Eve


Christmas is one of the most important and popular holiday in the world; people celebrate it to honor the birth of Jesus. .

How and when did Christmas start?

Christmas really started in Rome, Italy. In the late 300’s, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. So by 1100, Christmas had become the most important festival in Europe. Though no one knows the exact day Jesus was born; December 25th, was chosen to honor Jesus. It was a religious festivals but now some young people celebrate it for its special customs and traditions. For some families, Christmas is an important day for family members to get together. 

Christmas Trees

— why do we have Christmas trees? 

At very beginning, it is an ancient Romans customs that people bring branches of evergreens tree into house at winter time. Germany has followed the traditions and they consider evergreen trees have a migic power and can protect their home.  They also think lights can guard against the demons because they drives away darkness. As time goes by, people used pine tree to replace evergreens branches; also they use lights to stand for Jesus Christ.

Now Christmas trees have been a very popular Christmas trations around the world.

Santa Claus

— Why kids receive gifts at Christmas Eve?

Santa Claus is a very popular fellown of Christmas, who is usually recognized as a thick white beard and wearning red suit. Most Santa Claus stories come from a real person whose name is Saint Nicholas, a Christian bishop. He is a very generous gentlement and he always bring gifts to good kids. So it become a tradition at Europe that children should receive gifts at St. Nicholas Day. Then European immigrants bring this tradition to United States.

Something intresting is that there is a small town called Santa Claus at southern Indiana. So it became famout for its special postmark. Now every december thousands of letters, mails and cards went to this small town. Do you want to get a postcard mailed from Santa Claus this year?

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