What’s the one activity that almost everyone between the age group of fifteen to twenty five enjoy? Yes, it’s clubbing. Now when anyone says “Do you like clubbing? It’s my favorite hobby” I wonder to myself where did those days go? When cricket or dance or music was a hobby. Since when did clubbing become a hobby?

I always have a standard reply to this question, in fact I have it written in my notes, I just copy paste it or read it out. “Clubbing to me is the favorite activity of the moronic part of my generation where people enjoy being packed like sardines; unfortunately not to be eaten but to support fashion trends they don’t understand, drink liquor that costs more than double the market rate, listen to seizure inducing music and try to pick up brainless members of the opposite gender. However they generally end up standing around sucking their guts in, in an attempt to impress people who they don’t know. ”

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no problem in going to a club just that I think there are some serious ill effects of clubbing. For starters it’s practically replaced the idea of a quaint home cooked dinner with some beautiful red wine with your close people.

You enter a club today and it’s filled with a bunch of prepubescent teens who can barely stand straight forget dance or have fun because well they don’t know their bodies limits so their blood is more than saturated with alcohol than oxygen. There’s also always this group of guys dancing to EDM with no clue of what it is! I mean what right minded adult would consider that being fun?

Then there is always that one group where the guys are forcing drinks down the throats of women and I’m just staring and yelling at them in my head like “WOMAN grow up, come out of that fantasy of yours this isn’t the eighteenth century anymore, your boyfriend isn’t the king of France and saying no will not be looked at as treason” more over what’s with the men?

Still not convinced that clubbing does more harm than good? Think about date rapes and drunk driving incidents. Sure a club may be a place where you meet your friends and have fun but from what I’ve seen and experienced the negatives of clubbing beat the positives any day.

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