College/University Town and Socio-economic Problems


A college town is the community of people. One thing that unites all these people is that they all are in some way connected with the college life. Each college town has its own structure, and everything that happens there depends on the college/university to which this or that university/college town refers to. Natives, Students, and Economic Problems Of course, as student come to the college/university and leave it one day. But there are people who always live there. They are natives. And for these natives students are aliens. There are some accidents when students and natives cannot agree about anything. Such conflicts appear very often. This happens because students and natives are very often the representatives of different cultures. Besides, a university or college spends too much electricity. And this irritates many natives. This fact may influence the price of living for students. And another conflict starts. Some analysts mention such problems of contemporary college/university town as constant noise, traffic, and the quality of the life on the whole. In what way do some colleges and universities try to avoid these problems. Some universities reduce the amount of perking place at the territory of university and college town. That is why students and university/college staff has to walk for wok/study. On-campus or Off-campus Another problem of college/university town is the problem of place to live: whether students choose to live on-campus or off-campus. The fact is that some students prefer to live in quieter place where they are likely to complete their work in a proper way. But, as it has already been mentioned before, there are some cases when natives and students absolutely misunderstand each other. Some students are eager to live on-campus more than off-campus. They are indifferent about the noise and mess. They adore it because they are mess-makers.

Source by kevin78harden