The cricket team of Pakistan is on the tour to Sri Lanka. On its tour the team is going to play a number of matches. Pakistan has played its three test matches against the host country and has lost the test match series to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka played very well and has beaten the Pakistani team on the grounds of their country. Now from Thursday, 30th July, 2009 both the teams will start the one day match series. On Thursday the teams of Pakistan and Sri Lanka will play their first one day international match against each other in Dambulla. The match will start at 5:30 according to the local time.

Both the teams are really looking forward to this one day international series and are putting in a lot of efforts in their net practice. The team of Pakistan will be lucky again to have Shahid Afridi back in the team. He is a glittering and a brilliant all rounder. His participation in any of the Pakistani match really brings in positive impression in the team. The over all spirit of the team is boosted with his presence in the team. He was unable to join his team in the test match series. His participation in one day matches will really matter.

The team players of Pakistan and Sri Lanka are doing their practice with full spirit and are taking care of their health and fitness, so that they can take part in this match with full energy and can contribute their role in order to win the match. Sangakara, the captain of Sri Lankan team is very efficient and has all the abilities to keep his team united. The team under his leadership has grown to a great extent. The performance of his team has been polished to a visible extent and the team has been showing consistent performance in their past matches. There are brilliant players playing in the host team. Players like Jayasuria, Murlidharan, Dilshan and a number of other fantastic cricketers have always played with full positive spirit and contributed their due role in taking their team to the victory post.

On the other hand the Pakistani team players are no less in their performances than the Sri Lankan team players. The team of Pakistan, under the captaincy of Younis Khan, has really been improved and has been playing like a united team. Pakistani cricketers like Shahid Afridi, Umer Gul, Abdur Razzak, Kamaran Akmal and a number of other brilliant and fantastic players have always proved themselves in all the matches played by the Pakistani team. Now the fans of both the teams are hoping to see their favorite team winning this first one day international. The cricket match results will be displayed on internet. You can take the updates of cricket live scores online. These live cricket scores will keep the cricket lovers in touch with the match.

Source by Peri Witny