What to Do When computer Hangs, Locks Up or does not responds?

Have your computer got hanged any time? We surely must have gone through this problem many a times. It may be due to excessive amount of storage on your computer.

The computer may find it difficult to function if several programs are running at the same time. The task manager does not respond and mouse does not seem to function.

In such a situation you may think of restarting your computer which may corrupt your current files on which you are working. Here are some of the ways which you can use to fix this problem:-

Firstly click hold “ctrl-alt-delete” keys. The windows task manager then opens. Click on the programs which you want to get rid off and end the task. All the program which you don’t need will be closed one after the other. Then save the files which you need. However, if you are using the MS Office application the files will be automatically saved if the programs suddenly shut down. Don’t forget to save the data every time you write something in your file. This will prevent the data from getting deleted.

In order to avoid your computer from hanging clean your history in at least once in a week. In order to clean history go to tools >tools>internet options>clear history. Its better to clean history before restarting your computer.

Another precautionary measure would be to Delete all internet temporary files. So go to tools>internet options>delete files. Deleting cookies will also help you to a lot of extents. Do it at least once a week. Go to tools>internet options>delete cookies.

Don’t fill your computer with unnecessary programs.so delete them. Go to control panel>add/remove programs.

It is suggested to do defragmentation for at least once a week. To defragment click on the “start” button>My computer>Left click on C or D:Drive properties. Select “tools” and click on “defragment now”.

Checking out the hard drive would also be safe. So Click on “start” button>My computer>Left click on C or D Drive and under “tools” click on “check now”.

Besides this, there are many emergency task manager software’s available in order to solve your problem. One of such emergency task management software is Antifreeze. This free emergency task manager software allows you to select your unwanted files and program which causes the system to hang. As soon as you install this software it will act upon when your computer faces the hanging problem. When you hold(Alt+Ctrl+WIN+Home) of Antifreeze it will close down most of the running program and your computer will be free from lock ups. Later on, it will start up with a special kind of task manager which is similar to the standard Windows task manager. This specially designed task manager makes your computer work in its actual state again. If a program is taking a lot of processing time then it is more likely to lock up your computer. You can end that program by clicking on ‘End Process’.

The Software, however, does not work all the time. It works:-

-When most of the programs doing intensive task use too much of processing time as a result of which system becomes unresponsive.

-When One or more program consumes too much of memory that swapping of files is highly used which overloads the system.

-When too many programs run at the same time it becomes difficult for the processor to process.

-When programs are running in a sequential manner it consumes all of its processor resources.

Antifreeze does fail to work sometimes and in order to run it you have to press the “reset” button. The software does not work if your computer is hanged due to any hardware defect or if your mouse does not function properly. Please note that Antifreeze only works on Windows operating system…

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Source by sanjay natekar