Conservation Efforts in the Boston Area

Though it may be a thriving city, there is also a strong conservation presence in Boston. Boston conservation extends far beyond just city living, but out into nature as well to preserve the environment and all the things that are connected to it. Here are a few of the ways Boston conservation is keeping our Earth a little greener:

The Massachusetts River Protection Act: This act, passed by the state government, is solely focused on preserving the integrity of the many rivers in Massachusetts. It encompasses things like dumping waste and pollution, as well as how to counteract the damages already done by these things. This directly impacts things like water clarity and the ecosystem of the plants and animals that live in conjunction with this water. Through this act, the rivers in the Boston area have remained serene and clean compared to other cities.

The Conservation Commission Act: The act follows in the footsteps of the River Protection Act in the sense that it targets the other ecosystems in the Boston area. This means that forests and other uninhabited lands are protected against excessive waste and pollution. This bill promotes conservation through different programs and extends tax credits to those businesses that follow through with reduced emissions policies.

Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act: This act does exactly what you think it does: protect the natural integrity of the wetlands around the Boston area in Massachusetts. Wetlands are one of the most endangered natural habitats in the world. This bill ensures that the MA wetlands stay intact and unharmed so that they can continue to support wildlife.

Waste Collection Programs: Boston conservation wouldn’t be what it is today if it didn’t have a reliable waste collection programs. Recycling is especially important if you’re a citizen of the Boston area. Because of the city programs for recycling, residents can properly dispose of things like glass, plastic and electronics in a safe and effective way.

If you’re wondering what you can do to help out with conservation efforts in the Boston area, check the community initiatives taking place around you. Chances are there’s a recycling program you can take advantage of or an environmental clean team where you can volunteer your time. By making the conscious decision to learn more about conservation efforts in your area, you’ve already taken the first step to living greener and reducing your own carbon footprint.

Source by Donald Messina