Is your garage little or overflowing and, as a consequence, do you have a problem with storage? Especially with bikes, storage in a crowded or small garage can be a challenge. Here are creative bike storage ideas in your garage.

The normal solutions storage for the garage does not tend to offer more than shelves and cabinets that are actually of little help to solve your problem of limited space. To maximize storage in short garages you need to be inventive and consider outside the box.

One such originative result involves utilizing most of the available area such as the floor, walls as well as the overhead ceiling site for storage of bikes in the garage.


Most people only utilize the floor area or use benches or shelves that help to lift the stuff slightly above the floor area. While these solutions are of help, one can make the most use of the garage space by utilizing the ceiling area with the help of bike racks that are available in various options such as the horizontal hoist, wall mount option to name a few.

What is important is that these storage options are not only safe and secure but also help to reduce clutter and help you to get organized with a little investment.


One of the disadvantages of not utilizing the right garage storage solution is that things begin to get really messy and tend to pile up leaving you little room to maneuver or access other items that are stored. But once you can creatively utilize this space you can say bye -bye to clutter forever and really appreciate your garage space.


There are various types of garage bike racks that allow you to mount your bikes on the walls or allow you to hoist it on the ceiling above. These are:

The garage mounts which attaches on to a wall or to the floor area of the garage to provide a simple storage solution for your bikes. These are available in two sorts a type approval design and a ball mounting design.

Garage Saver is another answer for storing bikes in a limited space.

Its unique design allows space saving by providing an option that allows the bikes to be either parked side by side or opposite each other. It has safety features to prevent the biked to be scratched when placed side by side and to check the rack from slipping from its position or moving away.

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Source by Maryam Getz