Damn! The Stuff People Resort to When They’re Broke…


We’ve all been completely broke at some point of our lives, haven’t we? And when our parents can’t bail us out, it can make us resort to some extreme measures. Redditors describe some crazy stuff they’ve had to do to earn a few bucks whilst being broke.

1. Search For Loose Change 

One time in college i was so broke that i walked around the campus parking lot one night looking for change so i could go to Krystals for a single slider (around $1.00). I guess i looked suspicious walking around the parking lot with a flash light because a cop pulled up and asked me what i was doing. When i told him he laughed, then drive me to the restaurant and bought me an entire combo meal. Ever since then i will randomly show up at least twice a year with dinner for the night shift officers. [elektrikWorm]

2. Pretend to be an Alcoholic

According to my father, when he first came to America he was so broke that he decided to get incredibly drunk near a rehab center and fake an addiction to alcohol. They took him in and gave him housing and a job to get him back onto his now “sober” feet. They also gave him a small stipend that he blew on alcohol to keep the illusion up for a little while.

He couldn’t speak English at all, so finding any sort of work was difficult, and it was in the center that he learned to speak English well enough to hold down a job. [SirMaximBelov]

3. Asked a Great Grandmother For Money

One time when I first moved out, I lost my job and couldn’t afford my rent for the month. (still managed to eat thanks to government assistance and the local food bank.) My 80-year-old great grandmother wrote me a check for $600 which allowed me to keep my home. I felt so unbelievably guilty — she’s living off of social security and her late husband’s pension, and still found that stack of cash for me.

Years later, when I had the money to spare, I went back to her and gave her a check for $600. I told her I was paying her back for the one time she paid my rent. She looked at me, smiled, tore the check in half, and gave me one of those frail old-lady hugs. I broke down crying right then and there and she cheered me up with cookies. [FishCrackers_OoOoOo]

4. Sleep

I was so broke I’ve had sleep for dinner. [agluja]

5. Beg on the Streets

I was so broke I had to pan handle, I was given $45 in an hour and I never had to do it again. [Vivaplextaneous]

6. Eat Biscuits For a Week

During college I was so broke that I lived on crackers for a week. Found enough change to buy a jar of jam to go with the crackers. Took it home, so excited to crack it open. Dropped it on my kitchen floor, shattering the glass into the jam. It was either laugh about it or cry. [mattburnsey]

7. It’s Either Me or the Cat

I once had to choose between buying food for my cat, and food for me. In a stroke of luck, I spotted a large tin of tuna fish in the clearance bin at the supermarket, so we both ate. [fucknozzle]

8. Insane Budgeting 

Not me, but my Lithuanian friend at Uni. That girl is out of this world.

She worked tirelessly to afford studying here in the UK (£3,000 tuition p.a. back in the day, plus very pricey accommodation because the UK government assumes you’re stinking rich if you go to Uni here as a foreigner).

Even though she had a nice bit of spare cash in the bank at the end of every month, she put her disposable income straight into her savings. No bars, no meals out, no pretty clothes.

I have witnessed her living on a £10.00 budget. For a WHOLE month. More than once.

We’d regularly try to offer her some cash here and there, because living on rice and butter for extended periods of time is not great for you. She wasn’t having any of it. [JuBreCaBra]

9. Took a Used Pair of Pants

I once found a soaking wet pair of wind-breaker style sweat pants in an alley.

They were covered in dirt, totally soaked, and who knows what else was on them. I needed clothes that badly, so I went home got a garbage bag and brought them back to wash them. [Iamaredditlady]

10. Steal Shampoo

I would walk to the CVS down the street every morning, go to their hair care aisle, squirt a random bottle of shampoo into my palm, walk home and shower. I did this for about three weeks.

One day I walked in and was greeted by an employee that politely said I have to buy things before I take them out of the store. I didn’t shower that day. [PM_me_a_dirty_haiku]



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