Empty tin cans can be great for storing various small household items in them – anything from nails to paperclips, to rubber bands, to pencils. They are great for storing products as well. They make great and cheap flower pots too; you just need to put a hole or two on the bottom to help drain the excess water. Paint them any color you like, match them to your interior; go wild! A flower pot like this won’t break if a cat topples it over, but it will rust over time. Therefore, make sure you put it on a surface where rust can’t do much damage.

Another use for tin cans is making wind chimes out of them. It might not be as sleek as the commercial ones, but here is the beauty of them: you can paint on them or glue pictures on them for some great personalized look. That way, you will get something no one else can have! You can vary the can sizes and arrange them in clusters for some original and creative designs. The possibilities are infinite.

Tin cans can easily be transformed into beautiful candle holders. Punch holes along the sides creating different patterns and it will create lovely light shows once the light from the candle inside it shines through the holes. Alternatively, the effect can be increased by cutting bits and pieces out of the can for bigger artistic ensembles. That way, the plain and bulky tin can transforms into a flimsy masterpiece of a flower garden or a magnificent fairy tale castle – at no extra cost. Don’t paint or glue anything onto the cans because the tin will heat up from the flame, which might cause unwanted reaction.

Tin can construction can become your new creative lighting solution. By cutting out different ornaments on the sides of the cans and stringing the cans together with thin wire or metallic string to form any shape of your desire create the basis for your new lamp or lighting installation. Fasten Christmas lights so that they illuminate the cans from the inside, keeping the wires hidden. Use plain white lights or multicolored ones, even ones that slowly fade from one color into another to create a unique mood. Paint the cans or glue something onto them to add that extra touch of kitsch. Because LED lights don’t heat up as much as regular light bulbs, there is little to no danger of the cans overheating and your added decorations burning off.

Source by Louisa