Sexual depression has germinated into a colossal problem that enfeebles relationships and forges a strong sense of social inferiority in both men and women.This sexual impairement can be ensued by various irritants such as the lack of access to basic amenities of life,social disorder,domestic  disturbance.Or it could be the by  by product of some genital malfunction.

Most often,people  suffering from this try out some ad hoc solutions such as a binge on steriods which wreak havoc on a prolonged use.Most steriods use high level of testerostone but while you sign out of your reliance on these,the low generation of your libido can diminish your interest in sex which ends you in a low sex urge resulting in sexual depression as time leaps on.

But like many other clinical symptomatic ailments,sexual depression could be cured with a range of solutions so that overdependance on one of these could be cut back upon at the expense of others.These solutions could be listed as follows:

Yoga can be a big help:Yoga has been a tested partner of the spirtual masters around the world.It’s breath controlling tricks help in hyping the energy levels and ensuring a sufficient flow of blood to the penis area which is the biggest reason of erectile dysfuction and gradual impotency.These physical exercises(ASANA) can help your sexual life.Some of these asanas are:Lotus pasture,Uddiyana Bandha,supine pelvic posture etc.

Try it the herbal way:Many penis enlargement pills or  other medicines tasked to cure genital dysfunction use a diverse genere of herbs which are believed to bolster the levels of sexual urge by generating testerstone-a hormone that plays a vital role in giving men the object of their sexual desire.Some of these herbal extracts are:Cuscuta seed extract,Ginko bibola leaf,tribilus tessteris,panax ginseng etc.

Shun anti-depressents:People trapped in sexual depression must shun the regular intake of antidepressents like prozec which disturb the sexual function in man.

If all these solutions are tried in a perfect combination,sexual depression will   stand little chance of marring lives.

Source by ayaz kolachi