Social media is an important medium of disseminating information but it can also spread untruths, which can ruin the reputation of a man. 50-year-old head constable with the Delhi police, Salim PK was the subject of online ridicule when a video, titled ‘Drunk Delhi Police man on Delhi metro-Funny’ went viral in August last year. The video showed an allegedly inebriated Salim falling down in a metro compartment. The video which received thousands of hits in a few days, prompted the then Delhi police commissioner B.S. Bassi to suspend the policeman.

Salim wasn’t drunk but suffering from a stroke. He had a stroke and a blockage in his brain caused a brain haemorrhage that left him paralyzed on the left side. As a result he suffers from a speech disorder. After a police enquiry and verification of his medical records, his suspension was revoked and he was reinstated in November 2015. The police department declared his suspension period as “spent on duty”.

Salim now alleges that the viral 36 second clip of him being in a dizzy, disoriented state be removed from the Internet as it has “irreparably maligned his image in the eyes of the public”. He has approached the Supreme Court in this regard.

Salim also wants the Delhi government, the state’s Metro Rail Corporation, and the Press Council of India to take steps so that he can “regain his lost dignity by publishing the correct factual position in… print and electronic media,”.

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