Netbooks are smaller and lighter laptops that can perform basic computer functions such as web surfing, word processing and other productivity applications. They have particularly become popular as most of them have additional features that may not be found in a normal PC as well as the ability to customize them according to the needs of the individual users.
The Dell netbook laptops come in different specifications with the recent ones having better improved features. The Dell Mini 10 netbook is the most famous of the different versions of Dell netbooks. It has a high-end resolution screen with a HDMI output, a mobile broadband and is the most customizable. Its hard drive has a capacity of 160 GB and RAM space of 1 GB.

Another version of the Dell netbooks is the Inspiron Mini 9. It has a glossy plastic exterior that covers the top of the screen and around the LCD and palm rests. It has rounded edges and smooth lines that give it a very classy look. This netbook has the ability to withstand physical destruction due to the pre-production unit that is found on the inside of the chassis. It is reinforced with magnesium alloy on different locations.
The Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook is a cheaper version of the Mini 10. Its physical specifications are 10.3 inches x 7.2 inches x (1-1.9) inches in width, depth and height respectively. It weighs around 2.9 pounds and is powered by 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor. Its storage capacity in the hard drive is 160 GB and is usually pre-installed with Windows XP Home SP3 operating system. It can accommodate all the keys on its keyboard with major functional keys i.e. space bar, tabs, control and shift being in full size. It has a VGA-out video port, headphones and microphone jacks fort audio and three USB 2.0, SD card reader. It has a 6-cell battery with more than six hours of battery life.
The Dell mini version can also be found as Mini 10 with GPS/ WiFi tracking. It incorporates the Dell wireless 700 locations and 3G chip solutions which make it easy to track the laptop in cases of theft. The positioning technologies used include Skyhook’s WiFi, Flickr’ Yelp and Flickr using Loki plugin for both internet explorer and Firefox.
The Dell Mini Nickelodeon netbook comes in three different designs and is mostly aimed for kids. One design features a green slime slash that is placed on the lid and the palm rest. Another design features an attractive iCarly theme while the third design has spongebob squareoants. Theses exciting designs have a tailor-made user interface thus can be used even by younger kids so long as they set the interface in a way that they can understand. Also featured in this Dell netbook is anti-theft software called LoJack. There is also a 15-month trial period of McAfee family security that makes it easier to monitor what the kids are doing while on the computer and an additional education software from Whyville.

Source by Pamela Thomas