Did Aamer Sohail Just Accuse Pakistan of Reaching the Champions Trophy Finals by Fixing Matches?

That’s what it seems when Sohail spoke to a Pakistan news channel

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“Sarfraz [Ahmed] needs to be told that you have not done anything great. Someone has helped you win the game. There is no reason for you [Sarfraz] to be so happy. We all know what happens behind the scenes. Don’t wish to get into the details on who won them the games,” said Aamer Sohail to a Pakistan news channel.

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These shocking words from former Pakistani captain Aamer Sohail have cast a huge shadow over the upcoming Champions Trophy finals between arch-rivals India and Pakistan on June 18.

He continued, “If asked, I will say that the prayers of the fans and God has won them the games. They have been brought to the final due to external factors and not based on on-field performance. The boys now need to be level-headed and focus on playing good cricket.”

Pakistan had beaten England in the semi-final that very few expected them to win. Against Sri Lanka in what was a virtual quarter-final, they were helped by three dropped catches that turned their fortunes around. Against South Africa, they won thanks to Duckworth Lewis.

Now, when Sohail says something like this, what is a cricket fan supposed to assume? Pakistan has played good cricket in the match. Any accusation of match-fixing would mean that the other teams are involved as well. Mr. Sohail, you need to explain yourself.