Today, everyone pretty much checks their social networking sites every hour, some do so every minute. It forms a very important part of our lives, and thinking of a life without social media seems impossible now. Though there are many pros about it, there are a few cons to it too, one of them being exposed to certain kinds of people, who have an ulterior motive. Stalking can become very creepy for the victim and in some cases can also be a security issue.

Here I explain stalking through some popular social networking sites:

1. Facebook

image 1, stalking

When it comes to Facebook, we tend to add friends based on the number of mutual friends we have, rather than if we actually know the person. Some people take advantage of that factor and get your details out of it. For instance we mention the place where we are currently working or studying and this information can be used against you if someone tries to. Ending up outside your college after your lectures and then following you till your house can be a little extreme but it happens nevertheless. Even messaging or “poking” you as it is said, happens a lot. Random people find you through mutual friends and keep messaging you time and again until you end up blocking them.


image 2, stalking

If you’re a teenage girl, or in your mid-twenties I suggest you don’t sign up just yet. This place is filled with the all creeps in the world and the security features of this site, suck worse than Nargis Fuckri’s acting. Due to its anonymous feature, people take great pride in sending disgusting and insulting messages to you, just to get kicks and watch you get upset. It’s great to be a spectator and watch the fights with popcorn in your hand, but it sucks if you get in one. It’s like the modern place to pick up chicks based on their profile picture which don’t resemble them a tad bit in real life. After getting to know your name and approving your display, they shall add you on all other sites possible and fill up your inbox or follow you to places you’ve mentioned you’re going on the site. No kidding, this has happened with a lot of people, they are chilling at Cafe Coffee Day and someone sends them a question on ask saying , if they are wearing a red t shirt and sipping some cappuccino. They even know how many sugars that person takes in their coffee. Breach of privacy level : EXTREME.

3. Snapchat

image 3, stalking

This app is where sometimes you wished you were blind. Stalking is bad but wait till you see what happens here. The chats sent to you are crazy. From hi being sent to you a million times a day, then progressing to good morning and good night and by chance if you happen to keep a story, then be prepared for it to be screenshot and the picture passed out to the world. I’m pretty sure many of you are going to filter your Snapchat friends after reading this because it’s highly creepy and super scary if it goes out of hand.

4. Instagram

image 4, stalking

If you want to see the most perverted comments on a picture, keep your Instagram public. Also forty year old uncles shall happily sit behind a screen and comment on a twelve year olds pictures. WHAAAT! Yeah that’s pretty common, and also a lot of hate from jealous people who bask in the glory of putting people down. Then there is the direct message feature, which is a doorway to heaven for the stalkers just waiting for an opportunity to pounce. The, ‘You look pretty’, comment will come first and then what’s your number? And if you happen to be stupid enough to give it, then months of prank calling and messaging goes around. I would call this cyber bullying to be honest, pretty much on the same terms.

5. Whatsapp


Gets a little serious from there. They can not only constantly call you, but whatsapp you to death. Also the whatsapp calling feature can now in fact save their post paid bills, because stalking is free now. If you try to avoid them, the online sign will show up, or the tick marks will change to blue and its hell from there. You can block them, but if they happen to be friends with your friend I don’t know how well that will go down with them.

So all in all, you can’t delete all these apps away from your phone but what you can do is be a little careful. Don’t hesitate to block someone away if they bother you, and don’t be a forty year old uncle commenting on teens pictures. UH!