The invention of wheel chairs have changed the lives of individuals with physical disability. Because of wheel chairs, they are able to move on ground with a certain degree of independence. Unfortunately, wheel chairs can’t do much when it comes to going inside buildings and climbing stairs. This is where the importance of a wheel chair lift ramp comes in.

Wheel chair ramps are now found everywhere for public use. You can notice that a wheel chair lift ramp is often already provided in schools, offices, government establishments, malls, and grocery stores. But what about if you simply need to get into a car or van? What if simply getting into your own porch has become such an annoyance for you over the past years? There truly are times when you do need your own wheel chair lift ramp to have that full sense of independence and freedom.

Wheel chair lifts come with special features, materials styles, color, and function. Keeping these in mind can definitely help you make the best choice when shopping for a wheel chair lift.

Simple Design

The wheel chair lift ramp is defined as a simple device where scooter or wheel chair users can easily access elevated areas. Some people do not like complicated devices, accessories or modifications and therefore choose to buy wheel chair lift ramps. The wheel chair lift ramp has lesser shifting parts, and so is much more stable and less difficult to use. Simple design also means that the wheel chair lift ramp will stay durable for years to come, and you will be able to save time and money on repairs.


These are very compact but have very light weight. They can therefore be brought around in vehicles or on trips to the city where public transport may be needed. Also, wheel chair lift ramps usually do not require to be installed and can readily be used right after its purchase.


The equipment is very affordable. It does not require high maintenance and is therefore unlikely to require replacement in the future.

Varying Features

A wheel chair lift ramp can have a longer or shorter ramp. Longer ramps are often preferred for better roll-in, but shorter ramps are also good for getting into vehicles-you will need shorter ramps so you can store them easily in your car or van. A wheel chair lift ramp can also be wide enough for almost any wheel chair size.

Metal and wood are the common make of these ramps. Metal ramps are very durable devices, however, you still have to apply some maintenance. There are now weather resistant ramps sold in the market, but if you happen to purchase one with metal that easily rusts, you’ll need to treat it every now and then. Wooden ramps need even more care, as these can warp and split. If you are usually at home, though, a wooden wheel chair lift ramp is an economical choice.

Source by Febbe Wallace