Eight Makeup Ideas to Earn Those Screams This Halloween!

8 YouTubers show you how to get those heads turning, quite literally 


With a bit of chill in the air and the heat just about right during the day, the month of October lends the right amount of crispness to the air. The holiday season is kicking right back in again! That’s right: Diwali and Halloween are just around the corner. I don’t intend to put any undue pressure on you but you can’t deny it’s time to get your A game going for make-up trends! It’s time to get your most creative pumpkin juices flowing and get experimenting with latest trends. Ain’t nobody but you deserve that best costume and make-up prize this Halloween. Sure some of these looks are time-consuming and you may feel that they are unachievable, with a little bit of help and a wee amount of patience the scream is yours! Fret not, we’ve got the scary part covered with eight Halloween makeup artists of YouTube to draw inspiration from:

1. Roxxsaurus

This hell of a woman is known to slay those trippy looks for Halloween. From last-minute costume ideas to make-up hacks, Rox got you covered.

2. Laura Lee

Ladies, if you have a thing for metal finish makeup looks, Laura is your guru! Her love for trending Magnetic eye shadows by MAC is unreal. Look out for her tattooed skull makeup tutorial, a straight winner!

3. Adelaine Morin

Adelaine Morin shows you how to get the look and own it too. Her Enchantress and Harley Quinn makeup tutorials are the trick-and-the-treat to get this festive season!

4. Alex Faction

If you thought only women had a finesse with makeup brushes, you’ve got it all wrong! Alex’s Cannibal makeup tutorial is just what you have been looking for!

5. Amy-Rose Walker

If it’s your thing to keep it old school subtle with a dash of contemporary touch to your look, Amy’s Little Red Riding Hood is just meant for you.

6. Jordan Haz

If you have an eye for detail, then Jordan is the one for you. The amount of detailing in her tutorials is unreal. Go check it out.

7. Madeyewlook Aka Lex

She’s funny! She’s snarky! She’s trendy! Her perfect blend of fresh, young and gothic styles is definitely a winner at any Halloween party.

8. Katie Snooks

Mystic is in and Katie knows it best! Unicorns, mermaids or fairies, you name it and she shows you how get it just right.

Let’s get to it!
Happy trick-o-treating!