Essential oils are the carrier of the plant’s soul. Anthroposophy founder Rudolf Steiner states: “Matter is most spiritual in the perfume of the plant…When the spirit most closely approaches the physical earth, then we have the perception of fragrance.”

According to Kabbalah, the human soul contains animals, plant- and human soul components. Thus, each of us has the ability to relate to plant souls on a soul-to-soul level. When the human soul becomes preoccupied with the daily challenges of life, rational consciousness becomes estranged from the higher self and mired in “stuckness.” All chronic diseases have this quality of inertia in common.

The plant soul is not encumbered by ego, so it has the qualities of purity and infinity. Thus, the individualized plant soul combination within an essential oil blend, when proffered to the human soul, has the potential to be eagerly received and infuse the latter with the impetus to move beyond limitation by changing its orientation from the finite to the Infinite.

Key to moving the soul in this way is the formulation of an oil blend which accurately reflects an individual’s true self. Living within the context of one’s true soul nature requires continuous connection with one’s higher self. Happiness is the key to wellness. No unhappy person can truly be well. In turn, the key to happiness lies in accepting, and living in accordance with, one’s authentic self and having this acknowledged by others.

In order to do soul-level healing work with essential oils, one has to become familiar with the inner- or soul-nature of each of the essential oils that are worked with.

Using Imaginative Consciousness

In this discussion, the term imaginative consciousness refers to overcoming limitations of analysis of the material aspects of essential oils performed exclusively by senses and intellect via a complementary perception of the spiritual roots which sustain said material aspects. Like the human soul, the plant soul contains the spiritual roots for plants’ material and bioenergetic manifestations. Hence, when using essential oils for soul-spiritual work, all the biophysical and bioenergetic features of the plant are used to develop an understanding of spiritual roots.

Plants are alive and all living things are ensouled. Just like each of our souls is unique and has certain individualized specificities and tangible qualities, so do plant souls. The specific mix of archetypal qualities which are encoded into each soul gives rise to the various characteristics and behavioral models we manifest in our lives.

Similarly, a plant’s biochemistry, form, growth characteristics, therapeutic properties and historical and folkloric associations are reflections or images of its soul’s constituent pattern of archetypal qualities. These archetypal images can be used to identify the unique nature of an essential oil’s true self – its natural expression of being.

If essential oils are blended together with an understanding of the true inner nature of each oil, the oils in the blend will merge and form a uniquely organized ensouled substance which is more powerfully charged with soul force than the sum of its parts. When diverse soul energies are synchronized in this way, the integrated soul force demonstrates what is referred to as emergent behavior. In turn, this can be used to catalyze emergent behavior in the human soul which is directed toward harmonization and the elaboration of that person’s true self.

We generally forsake our true selves in early childhood when we are taught that they are not enough. We then exchange our natural expression of being a survival personality we fabricate that hopefully proves to be functional and meets the approval of our parents, teachers, etc. In the process, we become estranged from the true self, or ‘living soul’, and this estrangement fuels the sense of incompleteness, aloneness, and disharmony we struggle with our entire lives.

The key to achieving soul-level reintegration via work with essential oils is the ability to get beyond a focus on their biochemistry and therapeutic actions and access and acknowledge the unique soul-nature of each oil that is the spiritual root of the soil’s physical properties. When this is done, the plant souls harbored within the oils will respond reciprocally and the human soul/plant soul encounter will be illuminated by the spirit.

The greater the number of essential oils one understands on this level, the more dynamic the potential for creating blends which will touch the soul on deeper and deeper levels and provide the illumination to lead it from inertial stuckness and fragmentation to wholeness and soul-to-soul relation with all elements of the natural world. In this way one can re-establish the natural capacity, lost in early childhood, to connect earthly fire with heavenly light.

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Dr. Berkowsky’s Essential Oils and Soul Teleseminar Series

Source by Dr. Bruce Berkowsky