India is the country that has diversified culture and religious formalities. The Indians are following traditional clothing in many of their auspicious occasions. There are many States in the country. The culture and traditional clothing differ from one state to another state in India. The northern region people in India have the different customs and traditions.

The Indian culture has in no way has been unbending and that’s why it’s extent with pride in the modern era. It timely imbibes the traits of various other cultures and comes out as a contemporary and acceptable tradition. That is what unique about the Indian culture. It moves on with the time and is famous worldwide. Sampchit provides every news and trying to bring Indian traditions across the globe, keeping the culture alive for those people settled outside India.


Our country is known for its rich heritage, prosperous culture, diverse traditions and of course not to forget the delectable and assorted FOOD. Each state and culture are renowned for its palatable cuisine. Whether its Mumbai’s famous paav-bhaaji, or Rajasthan’s daal-bait-chroma; Bengal’s marcher hold that or Punjab’s makke ki roti/sarson da saag, traditional food is celebrated in all parts of our country. Indian civilization dates back to 5000 years. The traditional foods have been influenced and evolved from Persian and Islamic cultures and Indian Traditions ties with other societies. Historical events like a foreign invasion, trade relations and colonialism have also played a vital role in developing certain food types. These have left a mark and led to the diversity of flavors and spices found in the abundant regional cuisines of modern-day India.

Handicrafts reflect the tradition of a particular place. It carries tales dated back to 1000 years of the kings and queens and tells stories about a particular culture and its heritage. Wooden handicrafts such as wooden figures, gold painted figure, wooden chess set, wooden animal figure and other Indian Wooden Handicraft Items are designed beautifully by the craftsman. The vast range of handicrafts showcasing the rare artistry skills and innovations comprises of handicraft jewelry, handicraft home furnishing items, handicraft decorative items, handicraft table accessories, handicraft antique armory, handicraft paintings, handicraft garden accessories, toys, etc.

When one has a close look at these wooden items, they truly reflect the spirit of Indian Craftsmanship along with the right shades of traditional beauty and style. They are popularly used as gift articles due to their beautiful appearance. Indian handicrafts are well known for its ethnic and traditional designs. Handicraft is quite flourishing in the Indian industry due to its vast diversity and rich cultural heritage. Sculptural handicrafts are displayed in an exquisite range of sculptural molded figures made from varied bases like metals, stones, wood, etc.Here I discussed some beautiful cultures and traditions of INDIA. It’s the most beautiful country to be in and everyone should discover the unforgettable experience.

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Source by Sampath Kumar