This story has all the makings of a potboiler. Man gets calls from seductive girl, goes to meet her, gets kidnapped, and his father is asked for a ransom. It’s a great set-up for a cracker of a movie about to unfold.

And that’s exactly what happened to Wasim in Bangalore. He got a missed call from an unknown number. When he called back, a friendly, female voice asked him to meet her at her house in BTM Layout. A little apprehensive, he rejects to meet her at her house and asks her if they can meet at a public place. She accepts and both fix up a time. When he reaches all the way from Bangarpet in Kolar to BTM Layout in Bangalore at the said time, three men attack him and take him to an unknown place. The story unfolded like an opening scene from a suspense thriller.

However, Wasim was soon on his knees begging his kidnappers to release him. Meanwhile, these kidnappers call Syed Idayatullah, Wasim’s father asking for a ransom of five lakh rupees. When intimated by Wasim’s uncle, police caught the kidnappers in no time with the help of the missed call.

However, this story had another side. Syed Idayatullah, a rice merchant from Bangarpet had taken a loan of Rs. 2.5 lakhs from a lender called Touseef. When it was time to repay the money, both Idayatullah and Wasim refused to pay up. Touseef made multiple requests to both but to no avail. Frustrated, Touseef hatched this ploy to recover his money. This makes us remember the popular Kannada phrase – ‘kottava kodangi, iskondava eerbhadra!’ (Who lent is a buffoon and who took is Veerabhadhra!).

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