Before you even know it, Kindle 3 has already changed the style of your e-book reading in its delightful and newest added features that leave its competitors behind. A screen, no other e-reader has, that allows total immersion in a paperback-feel read due to its real paper appearance. No wonder it has become the hottest selling item of Amazon for two years running.

Surely any reader can not think of any reason at all to just miss this most-wanted gift. Truth of the matter is it is absolutely desired, no more no less. Whether basking in the sun, or slouching in a couch, or wherever that place may be in your time of choice, there’s no e-reader you may call a “great companion” other than this sleek device. Why, you can even bring along your own library of books today. Call it too good to be true, but Amazon made it real. From over 720,000 selections, you can easily pick and store up to 3,500 books of your choices. Don’t mind the limited space because you can conveniently fit in this slim and light gadget inside your bag, without the heavy feeling of leaving your other desired books.

It has always been a hassle to set up an electronic device especially out of the box. Amazon simply dropped the complexity of device set up prior to usage. Certainly no wireless or software installation to perform, and now you can use its built-in 3G connectivity, like in your mobile phones. Unlike other electronic devices, use it directly from the box. Also, this latest technology add on has comfortably allowed book or content download in less than 60 seconds anywhere. A perfect travel buddy without worrying about coverage since it includes over 100 countries and territories.

This stunning deal from can now be taken advantaged of at its Best Kindle 3 Price ever. Visit the site anytime from now and get your instant $69 savings! Don’t sleep on the slashed price of $189 (from $258). Anyway, you could get all the benefits, simply nothing to lose from this awesome offer. With much better features to boot, and the considerable savings, it’s really a win-win situation for you.

Settle only for what’s best option available and be among the dazzled millions who opt to read on kindle. Actually its popularity is proved on its winning combination of style, 50% better contrast, seamless reading, long battery life, lightness and latest wi-fi/3G technology addition. Simply say want only a gripping read then you now know what name to look for.

Source by Jessie Moore