One of the greatest challenges for upcoming Singapore models within the industry is that of finding a reputable agency to represent you and fortune may favor you it is then vital for you to make the most of this opportunity by ensuring that you understand how the agency will assist you achieve your dreams.

One of the important aspects of getting to avoid the greatest head ache in the industry in Singapore is to weed out unscrupulous agencies and conmen. One of the fastest ways is to research on the work done by the agency, whom do they represent, who are some of the other models, where have they worked? You will realize that most of this information is usually available on the internet and the same information can be verified by cross checking the work they claim to have done also at their supposed client websites. This should give you an idea of who the people are and if they live up to the reputation they claim to posses. Usually professional agencies will pay you to work for them and will not demand payment from you.

Once you are satisfied that the Singapore model agency is what and who they claim to be and have a valid agreement with them it is important to understand how the agency works this will enable  you make the most of your agency as well as your talent. As is the nature of this business it helps to be proactive as the competition is fierce. The agency, once you’re signed up, will assign to you a Booker that they may choose to call a model manager.

The model manager will basically manage every aspect of your budding career they will decide on which features about you to focus on, the best present you to the Singapore market. They are very knowledgeable on what the market requires and how to best sell it. They will also advise you on what strengths to focus on, they will send you to your go see that suit your strengths. Your booker will advise you on where you need to be, the time you’re required to be there, what the client expects of you and how much you will be paid.


A strong working relationship with your booker will ensure to able to manage your work and personal life as you work with her you will find balance with your commitments and other engagements. She usually is also instrumental in guiding you to meet your career goals, remember they have worked with other Singapore models and are able to advice you on how to best achieve your goals or changes you may require to achieve better results in your career. The greatest asset that Bookers posses is industry contacts since fashion and modeling is fraternity and in Singapore the relationships are and closely knit you will find it easier  to grow with seasoned professionals who will guide you through  the  highly competitive field that is Southeast Asia’s gate way to the world.

Source by model2nitee