Forever 21: The Big Bazaar Of Indian Fashion


‘OMG! Look at that dress!! It’s just for 1200 bucks!!! Aaaaaaaa!!!!

You don’t get to hear this anywhere but Forever 21, because inexpensive dresses at Hill Road don’t really blow your mind away.

To an Economy so price-sensitive where even the iPhone is sold at reduced prices, Forever 21 came as a boon to the retail-therapy starved! With the jaw dropping combination of low prices and international trends, it was a dream come true for the budget conscious Indian teens.

The girls flock this outlet to check out latest styles and trendy accessories so that they can grab them without creating a deep dent in their allowances. The boys step in to shop for the women in their lives, knowing that they can’t go wrong with F21!

Need a dress right now? Forever 21!

Can’t match your top with your skirt? Forever 21!

Lewin denims too expensive? Forever 21!

It was the answer to all your wardrobe problems, a one-stop destination for happiness.

Trendy street fashion, myriad colors, latest styles, sassy cuts, and everything easy on the eye. Step inside the showroom and the vibe emanating style would overwhelm you. It’s pricing tugged at your heartstrings, wanting to come back again and again and again and again!

Now I had bought enough clothes to last me an entire semester including shoes and a bag, right before college began, from Forever 21 all in 25K! Good deal?

Only, they didn’t last an entire semester.

The fabric had worn out, colors were fading, the fit grew loose with every wash, stripping the garment bare of it’s appeal, leaving a shapeless, faded piece of stitched cloth.

And then realization hit me in the face; Forever 21 is the Big Bazaar of Fashion.


There are kirana stores dotted along the inner roads of residential localities, and there are Walmart like big stores. Somewhere in the middle of these two grocery suppliers was Big Bazaar. For those who wanted to shop Walmart at kirana store prices.

Now all this sounds like a great deal, but somewhere in the economics of price and experience, quality was compromised.

Forever 21 products are easy on the eye, and exceptionally easy on the wallet but these low priced clothes are low cost clothes. Their cotton is diluted with polyester, with cheap color dyes and cheap stitching. Plastic embellishments that probably fall out faster than they took to be installed. That explains why those clothes wore out so quickly.

It is extremely easy for us to get blinded by bling and visual appeal Forever 21 has to offer, at the price that it does. But who checks for all natural fabric, double stitching and quality dyeing while shelling out 1200 bucks for a dress?

We’re not saying F21 is overpriced. We’re saying it’s overpriced as a brand. The same dress at Hill Road would have been vehemently bargained down to 800. Just like how one would pay Rs.120 for 1 kg of Rice at Big Bazaar (because it’s on a Wednesday sale) but pull the price down to 80 at a kirana store.

What was your clothing experience from Forever 21? Tell us in the comments below.