While the G8 meets in Germany this week about a thousand anti-globalization and anti-poverty campaigners (NGO’s) will be meeting in Mali. The topic of the meeting in Mali will be similar to the topic of the meetings in Germany, improving the living conditions for the citizens who live in their countries, but there will be some differences in the resources and perspective of the participants in each group. For instance, the G8 are the “haves” and the Mali group are the “have nots”, or at least that is the way it appears on the surface. However, since we only have one planet and we are only one species, in a sense we are all the haves. It is just that some people “have not” gotten that message, yet. So in a sense, they are the have nots. The G8 group with their ramant consumption of the Earth’s resources and despoiling of the environment have not gotten the message and have not realized that there is a price to pay for the havoc and damage that goes beyond the dollars and cents, euros and marks, that They horde and deny to the Mali group who are the poorest nations on Earth and like all of us, just trying to survive and keep their part of the world livable.

As well as haves and have nots, there is also the matter of “to” or “for”. Those are such simple words, but what a world of difference in their meanings when it comes to the G8 and International Monetary Fund. How much nicer to be in the group that the G8 and IMF is doing things for, rather than the group they are doing things to. For instance, the G8 promised at its gathering in Scotland two years ago to increase aid to developing nations by 50 billion dollars a year by 2010, of which 25 billion dollars would be earmarked for Africa. It was also agreed that the multilateral debt of 18 of the world’s poorest nations would be immediately scrapped. That is what they promised to do for those struggling nations, instead what they did to them was to renege on their promises.

Unfortunately, once again, the G8 has not gotten the whole picture. Once again, their have not status is dangerous to all living beings on the planet because the truth is that you can not do something to this planet or one of its children without doing it to all of us. We are one species on one planet with one environment.

What we wealthy nations do to any other country and its people we are doing to all of us. The result may not be immediately obvious, but the future will reveal what every decision to or for any group of people on Earth has cost all of us. When we as a species finally answer the call of our Higher Consciousness, our Loved Ones, then we will think and act for all as one and the word “to” will be a friendlier word.

Source by Wil Langford