Goldilocks And The Three Bloody Vampires…

A seven year old gives her own interpretation of a beloved fairytale..


Once upon a time, there lived a little blonde girl called Goldilocks. She was born on the day of Halloween. Each year she would eagerly await the day her mommy would allow her to go for trick or treating alone on Halloween eve. When she turned 6 years old, her wish finally came true!! Little Goldie set out for trick or treating in the wilderness as she barely came across spooky houses in the suburbs. Suddenly, she found herself standing in front of a creepy looking replica of a mansion! The mansion actually belonged to three vampires, Papa Vampire, Mama Vampire and Baby Vampire. The vampires had gone out to celebrate Halloween.

“Wow, these guys take Halloween way too seriously…” she said. Goldie knocked on the door several times but in vain. She was a little frightened but decided to enter the main gate anyway. The first thing she saw and smelled was the sweet, yummy looking candies!! . “I sure am hungry,” Goldilocks said. “I’ll just have one bite”. She tried the biggest candy but it was too gooey! She tried the second biggest candy and it was too chewy, then she tried the third candy. It was perfect!

Suddenly Goldie felt a little thirsty; she went into the kitchen and found 3 glasses of cranberry juice. (Ahem Ahem…) First, she tried the biggest glass but the juice was way too thick and tasted like iron! Next, she sipped from the second glass but it had weird lumps in it. Finally, Goldie tried the smallest glass and it was perfect! “Yumm, it is cranberry juice mixed with Nutella! I will have to tell mom to make me one of these,” she said.

After running around the forest all day, Goldilocks was exhausted. “I need to lie down for a little while to rest my sore back!” she thought. So she went upstairs and came across three beds that looked like coffins.

First, she tried Papa Vampire’s great big coffin. “TOO HARD!” she yelled.

Then, she tried Mama Vampire’s medium-sized coffin. “TOO BOUNCY!” she screamed.

Finally, she tried Baby Vampire’s tiny little coffin. “JUST RIGHT!” she sighed. Then Goldilocks fell asleep and dreamed dreams of flowers and warm cookies.

Just then, the three vampires returned home from their hunt (I mean celebration!)  . They saw the wrappers of their candies, and were very surprised. “Who’s been eating my candy?” asked Papa Vampire.

“Who’s been eating my candy?” asked Mama Vampire.

“Who’s been eating my candy and eaten it all up?” cried Baby Vampire.

Then, the three Vampires saw that their “juice” glasses had been used. “Who’s been sipping from my glass?” Papa Vampire howled.

“Who’s been sipping from my glass?” wondered Mama Vampire.

“Who has drank up all my glass?” squeaked Baby Vampire.

The three Vampires ran upstairs to check their bedrooms. “Who’s been sleeping in my coffin?” Papa Vampire roared.

“Who’s been sleeping in my coffin?” growled Mama Vampire. She was furious..

“Who’s been sleeping in my coffin and is STILL HERE?” Baby Vampire screamed. He said it so loudly that he woke Goldilocks up.

In a fit of rage, Baby Vampire pounced on Goldie! The next morning, all of them woke up for breakfast. And the four vampires lived happily ever after…

As narrated to Sheena Siddiqui.