When we hear the word ‘celebrity’ we automatically associate it with an arrogant person who is too busy for his fans. But that’s not always the case with some celebrities such as Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Viggo Mortenson (The Lord of the Rings), Alan Rickman and Keanu Reeves. They are actually quite nice people who have gone out of the way to bond with fans and help those need. Redditors tell us about the celebrity stories we’ve not heard about.

1. Alice Cooper is a Seriously Nice Guy

We were at the same restaurant in Vegas. I didn’t want to be a total doof and bother him, so I asked a waiter if he could ask if a fan could say hello (he wasn’t eating, just waiting around). He waved me over, introduced me to his son, and we had some small talk. Big smile the whole time, made a few jokes. 10/10, would meet Alice Cooper again. [buttermuseum]

2. Mark Hamill Loved Being a Part of Star Wars Episode 8

Apparently he was the only Star Wars legacy cast member that was really excited about doing the new movie. Other showed up and bitched, complained about having to lose weight or just refused to, but Hamill apparently was just all in and excited at the opportunity to be part of the film. I loved hearing that about him. [504michael]

3. Viggo Mortenson Bought a Horse For a Cast Member

When he heard that Liv Tyler’s stunt double wanted to keep the horse she rode in the film, but couldn’t afford buy it, Viggo offered to pay for it. Then when she got it, she tried to talk to him about some form of repayment, he basically told her, “No way, this is a gift. I know the bond you have.” [mabramo]

4. Bryan Cranston Loves Talking to His Fans

Bryan Cranston. Can confirm. Former co-worker worked on a popular TV show that he Guest Starred on post-BB. Co-worker told him at the appropriate time what a fan he was of BB. Mr. Cranston thanked him but then days later, after he wrapped, came back into the production office (which NEVER happens) and pulled up a chair, sat at my co-worker’s desk and asked, “So. Whaddya wanna talk about?” The two then spent 45min bonding over their love of BB. [filmcanman]

5. Hugh Jackman is Incredibly Nice

Hugh Jackman is the nicest human being ever, like it is insane how nice he is. i bumped into him and HE kept the conversation going for a few minutes with no indication that he wanted to leave and the way he spoke was like we were old friends. [ayy_irl]

6. Steve Buscemi is Super Cool

I had Steve Buscemi in my taxi about a year ago. He was incredibly down to earth. I treated him just like any other customer, I think he appreciated it. We had a good conversation, he asked me lots of questions and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. At the end of the ride he reached over the seat and shook my hand and introduced himself. When he said “My name is Steve” I lost my professionalism. “I know, I’m a huge fan!!” It was so hard to play it cool and not go total fanboy the whole way. [666oderus666]

7. Rupert Grint is Super Humble

Went to school with him. Can confirm he is really nice, and totally down to earth. He kept coming back to school for exams up until Goblet of Fire, and was happy to talk to everyone with questions. [calls_you_a_bellend]

8. Keanu Reeves is Incredibly Generous

He gave about $80 million of his $114 million paycheck to the special effects crew onĀ The Matrix. That’s pretty damn awesome. šŸ™‚ ][HaitchElGee]

9. Ewan McGregor is an All Round Nice Guy

Ewan McGregor. He’s been married to the same woman for s number of years and they’ve adopted two kids I believe and he’s involved with UNICEF and he just seems lovely and down to earth. I rarely hear anyone say anything negative about working with him. Ā [Souncivilized]

10. Daniel Radcliffe Does a Lot of Charity

Daniel Radcliffe. He’s done a lot of charity work with the Trevor Project and I remember he used to ask fans to donate to a children’s hospital instead of sending him birthday gifts. I’ve only ever heard really nice things about him and he seems like a great person to know. [im_sooo_mature]

11. Robin Williams Enjoyed Making People Happy

Robin Williams was more than decent enough. I saw him playing with his kids once in a park in San Francisco. Seemed happy. He enjoyed making other people happy. That’s good enough for me. [Kraelman]

A news story revealed that a little girl with cancer was supposed to come visit him. But she ended up being too sick to fly. When he heard about it he jumped on a plane and went to her. No public relations rep. No reporters. Only a few people knew. This was only made public after he died. RIP [Aquaman5000]

12. Gordon Ramsay is Quite Nice

Gordon Ramsay when he’s not putting on an act for the camera. [Avatar_ZW]

I watch the Masterchef Junior and he is so nice on it. He is so polite and cheerful with the kids. You can tell he is enjoying himself and is a nice person. Mean, rude people would not be that cheerful around kids. [babymish87]

13. Alan Rickman is a Thoughtful Human Being

I met him in New York once after his play, Seminar. Very nice man, we shook hands and he wished me a happy birthday after I told him that that was why I was visiting the city. The next morning I was hanging out at a market and all of a sudden he was next to me asking how my birthday celebrations went. He even remembered my name. I can’t believe he’s gone. [Ā frederickchilton]