Graffiti in Mumbai: Ten Works of Art that Make the Streets Come Alive


Pick up your camera and a couple of friends and go around town spotting some of the most amazing street art in the country. Here’s a little list to get you started on spotting some of the most beautiful street art which have made the streets of Mumbai come alive.

1. There Goes the Mumbai Nightlife at Rock Street, Versova

image 1, graffiti

Tyler is known for his radical street art with strong messages; this one was after Vasant Dhoble started busting all the night clubs and bars in Mumbai.

2. It’s Raining Art near Rizvi College, Bandra

image 2, graffiti


This piece of street art by Delhi based artist- Harsh Raman was inspired from the iconic scene from Shree 420 that has Nargis and Raj Kapoor looking lovingly at each other, under an umbrella.

3. The Wall Project at Tusli Pipe Road

image 3, graffiti


Founded by Dhanya Pilo in 2010, these youngsters took up the initiative of turning Mumbai’s public spaces into beautiful pieces of art. This particular one was painted by Sudarshan Sudevan.

4. Sumo Wrestler near Carter Road, Bandra

image 4, graffiti


Another piece of street art by Tyler, this time showing a sumo wrestler holding a fist with the middle finger high lightened instead of popping out. This was made to pay respect to artist Aseem Trivedi who was jailed for drawing anti- government cartoons.

5. Madhubala at Bandra

image 5, graffiti


Enter Chapel Road, Bandra to fathom the beautiful paintings of Madhubala by the Bollywood Art Project. There are many other projects by BAP around Bandra which are definitely worth checking out.

6. Dadasaheb Phalke at the MTNL Building, Bandra

image 6, graffiti


Ranjit Dahiya, Yantra, Nilesh and Munir Bukhari come together to give tribute to the father of Indian Cinema at the Urban Art Festival in the grandest way possible.

7. Hey Saint Jude, please help me. I’m a lost cause! at St. Jude’s Bakery, Bandra

image 7, graffiti


Aka Corleone’s beautiful piece of art at Bandra is wonderfully colourful and covers the entire face of the small building.

8. Bond at Pali Village

image 8, graffiti


Bond has a signature style with his graffiti where he embeds his name in the art that he makes. This is one of his many installations.

9. Tentacles at Jindal Manson, Peddar Road

image 9, graffiti


Much mistaken for party props, these unusual tentacles are a spectacular and unusual sight. Filthy Luker does know how to make a statement.

10. Continental Drift at Aseema School, Chimbai Village

image 10, graffiti


Famous for his theme of humanoids working together to show a sense of unity, Daan Botle khere shows how working together can move the heaviest of boulders.