Can you believe a company has designed bikers shed that will match the color of your bikes?  Harley Lovers and Bikers in the Midwest pay attention. Classic Buildings has bike sheds hat will protect your motorcycle, and be well-designed to boot.

We know how you Harley lovers are.  You’re running all over the place with your motorcycles, your big bad boys, out each sunny day, riding your dream, only to come home to a half-hearted carport, or a worn out old sheds who can barely house your tools.

We know you cherish your bike and we are here to help.  I’m a customer of Classic Buildings sales and now I blog all about them. They’re awesome.  I recommend you order all your storage buildings from only Classic Buildings and for good reason.  From the day you order until the day of delivery of your “Harley Lovers” bike shed, you’ll be overjoyed to see that you now have an exclusive, personalized house for your little babies, your bikes.

Harley lovers, who need bikers sheds, now have a shed that has similar colors of their bikes.  This is truly exclusive storage for Harley Motorcycles.

Classic Building Sales offers amazing Bikers Sheds.  Their exclusive bikers sheds come standard with 2 sets of doors.  There is a door to pull on your bike, and then a door on the opposite side to pull out your bike.  You never have to back up your motorcycle again.

Classic Buildings makes it easy to own a Harley!

There is also 2 ramps which are the entire full width of the doors.  It’s a standard feature to get the ramps for your bikers shed.  With the ramps, you can easily pull your Harly Motorcycle in and out.

Harley Motorcycle Sheds! How cool is it that a portable buildings manufacturer has such a cool shed to house Harley Motorcycles?

The bikers she’d also come with a standard diamond treadplate.  This tread plate is conveniently located on the lower half of the doors. By having the diamond tread plate in this position it increases durability.

So why take the chance that your precious fat bike of getting dinged or scratched?   Order your bikers shed today!

Source by Kathryn Sias