Until the law legalizes weed and advocates such as the Beastie Boys say “Thank heavens,” marijuana will always involve a certain amount of hassle that could impact your lifestyle. Even functional potheads lose their jobs when they fail a drug test, and occasional marijuana use can be used as a virtual weapon in any child custody battle. Since the drug remains illegal under federal law and remains stigmatized by society, any pot use could seriously jeopardize your career, the custody of your children, and even the deed to your home.

That’s not to mention the expense. Illegal things may burn a hole in your pocket when they go up in smoke, and the habit can run a seriously high grocery bill too. So if you jeopardize your career and lifestyle, and pot use often leaves a hole in your pocket, the result may be a burned out bottom to your funds with no pocket change to speak of.

Still it’s always relaxing and gratifying too when you can enjoy an insane pleasing smoking experience. While not marketed as alternatives to marijuana, herbal legal smoke offers a different smoking experience than traditional tobacco products or other herbal choices. These exotic, super strong smokes taste more green than brown, without that tobacco harshness that burns up your lungs. Legal herbal smoke is made of natural, legal herbs and intense high-grade plants specifically chosen for their naturally mellowing qualities. Why cough and choke when you can enjoy a smooth bubble bud smoke that’s as satisfying as the finest party herbs? Premium smoke shouldn’t have to make you choke or go broke.

Does legal bud work? It’s true that it doesn’t contain any THC. Even trace elements of THC are illegal and would be considered marijuana. Legal weed is not marijuana, but instead an exotic smoking hybrid of special herbs and plant species chosen for naturally relaxing and esoteric qualities. The smoke relaxes with an intonation of good vibes, easy on the body and dreamy on the soul.

It’s a great way to enjoy a mellowing smoke as you soften the lights and kick back to your favorite CD at the end of the evening. The taste will really take you back, reminiscent of college dorm days and rock concerts and that fruity green you remember from your youth. You can relax with a green, stunningly satisfying exotic smoke with herbs designed to soothe and enlighten tonight, and never fear the drug test tomorrow morning.

Why risk everything you’ve built and achieved in your life because of your choice of lifestyle? With herbal legal smoke, you can smoke a tobacco alternative without any risk or hassle. Mellow out with legal herbs, and save the paranoia for when your kids become teenagers. Life has enough hassle without worrying about being busted.

Source by Daniel Marcus Manson