How do you find this out? Through using a website tracking service. There are many of these around – just try typing ‘website tracking software’ into a search engine.

If you find where your visitors are coming from the most – then concentrate on replicating what you have done to attract them.

Really – Internet Marketing is about Product And Traffic.

So how do you get traffic?

Adding quality to your website is the best way to generate traffic.

Getting repeat visitors will keep your traffic coming back. This is a good business principle.

Return business or repeat business will make your company. If you can add value and give good products or service for good prices – those people will remember you and return for more business.

Apply this to your website and this will ensure repeat business – hence more traffic.

“Targeted traffic” is the important term. Obviously having just any traffic is not effective.

It would be like trying to sell gas to a person who rides a bike – they would not be interested in the slightest.

Trying to find users that are interested in what your website is about or what you are trying to sell is the key to a successful website.

Picking up a domain that has already had work done to it is an easy way to get free traffic.

You should be careful – some domains could be banned from Google.

So many people have been scammed buying traffic. Obviously, people want a quick fix and it looks attractive.

There are still other easy ways to get traffic without buying it. It may take a bit of your time – but the traffic will be relevant.

The last thing you want is traffic that is not interested in your product. This will just waste your bandwidth.

It is the old business principle of targeting your customers – the ones that are ready to buy – not the ones that are not interested.

Source by David Taylortown