In the rush of the busy life of the people of Mumbai and the highly frustrating tight schedule of the livelihood of the people living in the city the people hardly gets time to relax and spend some quality time with their loved ones. The fast pace of life and the urge to grow bigger and bigger in the corporate and business world makes the people detached from the human touch and the love of the people they care about. Thus once in a while a small break from this busy life and taking a holiday keeps the body and mind at peace. This peace helps in re cultivating the true potential in oneself that will bring about changes in the hectic mindset of the people of the city. Mumbai hold the view of a large number of locations that can bring about peace of mind and body.

A holiday from the regular tantrums in a relaxing place with friends and family can be very much persuasive in building a mature mind and a healthy body. Some of the many places that may be listed to host the best holiday destinations include the Khandesh food and wine Gateway, a trip over the top of the city through the hot air balloon, a day’s visit to the Sula vineyard at Nasik, and also star gazing under the open sky at Kasara islands, sailing in mumbai.

Khandesh’s food and dining experience include dinner and lunch at the resort and a lavish past time for the family and a group of friends with an enjoyable atmosphere. Khandesh is set up in a farmhouse near the outskirts of Mumbai with exotic vocational beauty and delicious foods. The entire package is exclusively designed for couple gateway of a holiday of 2days and the price is set to be Rs. 8,500 which includes the staying, food and winery.

Sailing experience in Mumbai is an all new level of relaxation with 2 hours of boat trip across the Arabian Sea. The yacht will hold at most of 6 people at a ride and will cover the sea for a time period of October to May. The visitors are recommended to maintain safety measures all throughout the sailing process so that no unwanted circumstances may follow.

In the Mumbai traffic and amidst the high flying crowded streets of the city there is sparsely any possibility of the people to look at the sky. The skyline from Mumbai is so much polluted and the high rise buildings make it much more difficult to look at the beauty of nature. Thus moving ahead to Kasara will instill the nature’s beauty in the people’s mind with amazing star gazing and sparkling skyline views. The entire process is conducted with bonfire, music, food and a great lovely friendly atmosphere that will make the trip worth spending for. The package comes with Rs. 2,800 in 2days and a night tour package. Trekking shoes are recommended for the visitors during the tour to avoid any malfunction. All your travelling and leisure needs will be covered by the expert guides of

Source by Patrick Hooper