It is not often that I plan to go out on a Friday night without having some kind of plan for the evening. My friends and I often go through quite a bit of Houston nightlife interaction before we decide exactly what spots we want to hit that night. It wasn’t that long ago that one of my buddies convinced us to try out this new place and see how it is. We were all a little skeptical and with good reason. How many times do you come on a Friday and have to wash the paint off your face before you go to bed?

Okay, this may happen to you if you are seven years old and your parents took you to a street fair on a Friday night. Other than that, I feel like this should never happen to any grown adult. Just my opinion, but I think walking around the city with face paint on is, well, weird.

When I and my three friends walked into this club that Friday night, we were a little surprised. It was very bright in there and the music was playing loudly, which isn’t all that unusual in some places. We were greeted by a pretty woman at the front who welcomed us. Our first tip off should have been that she had stars painted over one of her eyes.

We sat at a booth, checking things out and not seeing much going on at the moment. Granted it was still only about 9:30 PM, but I had expected a little more action in a place that just opened. A waitress came over to our booth to ask if we needed anything and we gave her a drink order. She was a very pretty blonde and also had some face paint around her eye.

It wasn’t long before a few ladies actually came over to our table and asked us if we wanted to dance. Of course, we got up and danced and hung out with them. All the girls also had various designs painted on their faces.

When I was alone with the petite brunette I had been dancing with, she asked me if I wanted to get my face painted. I just gave her a weird look and said not really, to which she proceeded to pout at. She told me she thought it would be fun and sexy, and the next thing I knew I was over at a face painting booth in the bar. Before I even had a chance to say anything, the woman started painting my face.

When my friends and I all met up a bit later, we all had our faces painted. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that pretty girl can talk a guy into getting balloons, clouds, and butterflies painted on their faces. I don’t mention this place at all anytime I have any type of Houston nightlife interaction and now I’ll never mention it again. We made a pact that night to never talk about it.

Source by Jared D. Ingram