Even someone who doesn’t even like football has heard the name of Manchester United. The English club commands a massive fan following all over the world. Aditya Rathod, also known as his username Aditya_reds, fell in love with United because of Dutch footballer Ruud van Nistelrooy in 2002. He first made a video in 2004 and now has over fifty thousand subscribers on YouTube and has made 119 videos which are all available on his channel, Quality MUFC videos.

Aditya_reds’ videos are known for leaving his viewers with tears in their eyes. He tells Bayside Journal about his journey from a hobbyist to YouTube star.

Why did you start making these videos?

It started as a hobby, to be honest. I didn’t see myself doing this full time or as a career. Over the years, I realized that I am good at this but I never took up an editing job for over 6-7 years. I was working in animation as an FX Artist for as along as I can remember while at the same time I was creating YouTube videos as a hobby. I make these videos simply because I want everyone to feel how I feel about Manchester United.

What triggered it?

Before the big social media boom, there were football forums where one would go to discuss games and chat with a few like-minded people. In those forums, there would be users (fans) who would post these player compilations and that’s what really peaked my interest. I would see all these different videos and think to myself I would like to do the same but with Manchester United players. That’s how it started. Ironically, my first ever video was not on a Manchester United player but on Thierry Henry. The reason being Henry was in red-hot form and had the most footage on him. So I gave it a shot and for being my first video it didn’t do so bad. Looking at the positive comments left by some of my fellow editors gave me encouragement to do more and the rest, as they say, is history.

Do you take fans suggestions before making a video?

Yes and no, depends on a lot of things. For example, I did accept making a tribute video for Michael Carrick as he has a testimonial match right after the season finishes, so it makes perfect sense to make a tribute to him. Similarly, I get so many requests to make tribute videos on Park Ji Sung, Darren Fletcher, etc. But I can’t make one on them as I don’t have enough footage to make a quality video.

You choose music from WWE games, but how do you decide which track would work the best? 

Well, this is not easy to explain, I always say music is what makes the video. If you get the right soundtrack 50% of your job is done the rest 50% is for telling a story. Deciding music is all about emotions and how it makes me feel as a fan. Sometimes I would think that a certain track would go well for a player but once I start editing it just doesn’t work. For example, the song that I used for the De Gea – Monster video was originally set for Tom Cleverly who would get a lot of stick from fans. I could never make the edit work for Tom but it worked flawlessly for David De Gea.

And sometimes it’s the exact opposite; it’s all about trial and error. Another way is to listen to as much music as possible. I watch a lot of movies, TV shows, trailers, which also helps as it gives you a wide variety of choice. At the end of the day, it’s all about what kind of a story you want to say though your video. That’s what dictates the music.

Approximately, how much time do you take to make a video? 

Anywhere from 2 weeks to as long as 3 months. If it’s a tribute video, then it would take longer time as I would have to do a lot of research on the player. Not to forget, I don’t work daily on these videos due to work commitments. (Aditya is a producer at Star Sports).

Do you remember which match you can take a particular clip from for your video? 

Yes, I absolutely do. After doing this for over a decade you usually remember which goal was scored in which season.

Would you avoid making a video for a particular topic? If so, why? 

Not really. I think the best part of what I do is to tell a new story in every video. That means coming up and exploring new topics which are always something that I try to do.

What is the best time for you to work? 

Weekends are ideal as I have the whole day to work on. Sometimes, I don’t have an option but to work late nights if I have to release a video on a specific date.

Aditya Rathod

How do you manage to take time out for making these videos from your daily life? 

You just have to, that’s always been my mantra. I love editing so it really doesn’t feel like a job. It almost becomes an obsession to make the edit to the best of my abilities. If I have an edit in mind, the first thing that I do is to try and get the perfect song for it, which means listening to many hours of songs. Once I finally pick the song, I keep listening to it over and over and over again. It’s almost as if I am doing the edit in my mind before I start it on my computer. The more I listen to the song the more ideas I get to edit it. So at the end of the day, if you’re passionate enough to do something, you will always take the time out for it.

What according to you does a good fan video consist of? 

Good music, clean edit and not too many effects. Most importantly, it needs to tell a story. If you can get a tick on all three of those aspects, then you have a good edit.

Do you show your project to anyone before uploading it online? 


Do you find editing your videos easy? 

I won’t call it easy but I guess comfortable would be the right word. After doing this for a better part of a decade, you develop a pattern for your edits which makes doing this comfortable.

Which is your most satisfactory video? Why? 

There are a few, the latest Wayne Rooney video was really satisfactory. It took a lot of time to get it done and it took a lot of planning as well. I had to co-ordinate with Adam Mckola of FullTimeDevils who stays in the UK, so it took a lot more time than usual. But the video came out really well. It told a story about Wayne Rooney which he deserves as he gets a lot of stick from fellow fans. Just because he has been in poor form the last few seasons, people forget what he has done over the years. So the video is a reminder of what Wayne has achieved over the years. 

Once in a Lifetime was also very satisfactory.

What is your favourite part of making these videos? 

Reading all the fan comments that I get across my social media pages. When you see that people get inspired by your work that’s the most satisfying thing. There have been so many instances when people say they start editing after they saw some of my videos. So that’s truly a humbling experience and easily the most fun part about doing what I do.

If you were asked to make a tribute video for a different sport, would you do it? 

If I can get quality footage, and if I am a fan of that particular sport only then. Having said that I have worked on a couple of cricket videos. One for Sachin Tendulkar and one for the World Cup 2011 Final. Have also worked on a Formula 1 video last year. (Both got taken down due to copyright issues)

As for future work, I would love to make a video on Conor McGregor (UFC). Huge fan of him and he is one of the reasons why UFC are doing so well at the moment.

Who is your favourite player from the current squad? 

Michael Carrick, he is one of those old school players who just gets on with the job. You never see him complaining or in the papers for the wrong reason. Always gives his best and embodies everything how a Manchester United player should behave both on and off the pitch. He is probably the most underrated player in the last decade.

You think we’ll (United) play for the Champions League next year? 

Yes, I do. We are in the quarter-finals on the Europa and within touching distance of the top 4. Yes, we have drawn far too many games in the league but others have faltered as well so anything is possible. It will definitely go down to the wire.

Winning the Europa League is another good option. I can definitely see United doing one or the other.

What do you think about the football scene in India? 

It’s going places, the national team just came up to 101 in the latest FIFA ranking. For the past few years I-League has done well and now with the introduction of ISL things are only getting better. There are talks of merging both ISL & I-League which would be mean having one major league which will only be beneficial for Indian Football.

What are you working on right now?

Working on multiple edits at the same time. At the moment, I’m working on:

Michael Carrick Tribute.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Season Review.

Paul Pogba – Season Review.

Europa League – Semifinal and Final Promos.