Barack Obama was not only the first Black American to become the president of United States, but also the first also the first social media president.  Anyone who has noticed the way he used the web to his advantage would agree with this statement. Is scoail media soc powerful that it can take a person to the winning podium?  Let’s answer the question here.

We all know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were the favorite candidates for the presidential post.  Before contesting the election, Barack Obama led an ordinary life as a citizen of the U.S, while Hillary Clinton had been the First Lady of America.  She was a known face and had made her impression on a number of American citizens through public appearances as the First Lady.  These aspects of her personality and her familiarity as a public figure among pubic was indeed a huge advantage and Obama was faced with the challenge of drawing public attention and winning their hearts.  He used the web to do this and it was indeed a well received.

Apart from having an official website and canvassing online like other candidates did, he harnessed the power of social media and used it as a platform to share, communicate and connect to people.  It not only gave him a wider scope to be visible, but also offered him a medium to connect to people and converse with the commoners.  He used blogs, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook to propagate and reach out to people.  This created trust in the minds of people and gave them a chance to learn the prospective development Obama as a president could make.  Sure social media websites did back a great deal making Obama the president of America.

Source by Vikas S