Are you wondering, “how do I get my ex back?” You are madly in love with her and you want to get her back but will a second turn really improve the problems that were there originally. Here are a few facts you should know on “how do I get my ex back?” Before you even try.

Fact no 1- It will not happen overnight

That’s the truth as a breakup is fraught with heartbreak and a range of problems. You broke up because of these problems and they are not going to go away by themselves. Take this breakup time to improve yourself and you should be fine. It will also give you sufficient time to evaluate the relationship. Do not worry about losing her. This time is critical to find out what went wrong in the relationship and how to improve you to prevent those problems in the future.

Fact no 2- Forget the heartbreak

Yes, it was painful and of course, you are upset with her for leaving you. But with a well thought out campaign, you can win her back. Again for that to happen you need to be able to forget the heartbreak and be happy for yourself. Use this time to take up and extra activity like dancing or bodybuilding to help you lose weight and get back in shape. Believe me, losing weight and getting a toned body and learning a new skill can make anyone happy.

Fact no 3- Logic does not work in relationships

Love is the main fact in all relationships and love is deaf, dumb and blind. It does not listen to any logic. You can not really persuade her logically to come back to you but you can sway her, woo her and ever seduce her back into your arms. The major fact that will help you in this is that you already know her well. You know what turns her on and this will help you in all your attempts to woo her.

Fact no 4- Do you really want her back?

Once you have gotten back into shape and improved yourself, think about it. Do you really want the woman back? There are many more women in the world who can and will fall in love with you. What makes this woman so special and why do you want her back? If you have a credible reason for getting back with her, then go ahead and woo her back.

Fact no 5- All relationships are not equal

Power in a relationship usually rests with the person who loves the least. I know that’s sad but it’s the truth. If you disclose the fact that you still love her and want her back, it hands the power back to her and it also makes her feel that you are too clingy. Hold your card close to your chest and plan a campaign that is unobtrusive. Another problem that might arise is that: You might love her madly but she might have fallen in love with someone else. In such cases, let her go. It’s not worthwhile to woo a woman who has already lost her heart to someone else. “There are plenty more fish in the sea.” 

Source by Tiffani Lewison