How Free Is Young India? As It Turns Out, Not Very Free


Independent India turns 69 on August 15, 2015. The world’s largest democracy and country that has 16.8% of the world’s population celebrates its Independence Day tomorrow.

As we commemorate the sacrifices of our beloved freedom fighters and martyrs, we decided to ask the youth of India how ‘free’ they feel in their country?

We conducted a survey where we asked 300 individuals between the age groups of 18-30 years in three major cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, to rate ‘freedom’ in nine different aspects of the their life. The nine aspects that they were listed in the survey were as follows:

1. Freedom to choose their Career
2. Freedom to Eat and Drink
3. Freedom to Listen to Music
4. Freedom to travel to any part of India at any time
5. Freedom to choose your God
6. Freedom to wear clothes you want
7. Freedom to choose your lover
8. Freedom to air your view without fear
9. Freedom to choose your sexuality

Individuals filling the survey were asked to rate each of these parameters on a scale of 1-5. (1 being freedom restricted and 5 being complete freedom).

Interestingly, the concept of freedom related to career, eating and drinking things of their choice, religion, clothes and expressing their opinions are almost equal for males and females in our survey.

However, with regard to travelling to any part of India at any time, majority of females feel restricted. According to our survey, 8 boys have total freedom vs 2 girls.

A high number of females as compared to males feel like they have relatively more freedom to choose their lover. 23 boys stated that they relatively free to choose their lover as compared to 102 girls

Another issue which males and females unanimously feel like their freedom is restricted is the topic of sexuality. 52 boys and 75 girls think that they have no freedom with regard to their sexuality.