There are those who are supposed to be old but are young at heart; those who look young and old at the same time; those who are young but look really aged those who are old but young and immature in their way of thinking and doing things; those who are young by physique but are full of wisdom.

In spite of all these difference, we tend to measure the age of all people just by the number of days, months and years they live before they die. My observations have led me to conclude that every human being has more than one age. It is therefore wrong to label a person as being 20 or 30 years old just by adding up days into months and months into years. A child who is 12 years old by chronological age may be 50 years by another kind of age. It shouldn’t be strange if a 30 year old young man dies whilst the 100 year old woman lives on.


It may be time for the 30 year old man to die by another kind of age. A baby born today may be spiritually more mature than a 70year old man. Though the baby may be physically young, she may have an innate mind which may later develop to supersede the minds of all babies born. On the same day. This goes to explain why great feats are accomplished not merely by people with countable years to their credits but by all grades of people of different age.

No one therefore can claim to know the true age of anybody for within one life time, every human being lives many kinds of age. I can isolate four kinds of ages they are




THE SPIRITUAL AGE.  Of these four conditions, we seem to be more familiar with the chronological age than we are with the others.


By chronological age is meant the age we normally give to people. A person’s age is calculated right from the day he or she is born. This is the age we make a lot of fuss about. A space is provided for it on many forms and documents. There is a school going age what a child learns in school is even determined by age. Yet it is very obvious that there are gifted children in all classes – children who may not actually belong to their so-called age group. Certain jobs required people of a certain chronological age as if all persons above 30 are wiser or physically more able than 30!and so society continues to rely on this kind of age for many purposes.clossely tied to the chronological age, we know a 20year old or a 60 year old person should have certain physical characteristics. But there are young people who look aged either by worries or illness or something else. Baldness runs through certain families and young man can look like 40, if he is bald! Fatness or extreme thinness can age people.


Then there are people who look better than their age. They may be over 60 and still look 40s or younger still. A 60year old man who dyes his hair, eye-brows and makes sure all white hair on the face is shaved clean may have a deceptive young look! And if by plastic surgery an aged woman manages to cover her wrinkles, she could be in her flowery 20s! So you see, how a person looks may matter more than what his or her chronological age says. Next to the physical age is the mental age. This type of age cannot be easily measured. It deals with the mental faculties of a person. Some people can use their minds better than others. They are able to learn faster and to solve problems.

In school gifted children are contrasts to slow learners. By their high mental faculties, certain people are able to discover, to invent. Some people never use their minds at all. They are dull and need to be pushed a lot.  Often times, one comes across a fairly aged person with the slow mind of a five year old and then there is also the young person who often speaks and behaves like a mature intelligent person. Such a person is often said to live ahead of his or her age. The psychologists and philosophers have an explanation to these differences in the mental age. It all touches on the cycle of life. It is assumed that we carry our past experience with us and that if a 20 year old can perform wonders it is because such a person already has stored experiences which he or she simply makes use of it in every subsequent life. This is where the spiritual age comes in.


Some people are more aware of them and find more meaning to life. Great famous people have more advanced spiritual age.  They are knowledgeable and highly developed in their thinking and behavior. These emerge as leaders in many stands out above the crowd. A person’s age in the light of the foregoing explanations, is relative. Many things must be taken into consideration, whenever we want to use age assessment.


No one can claim to know the true age of anybody for within one life time, every human being lives many kinds of ages.

Source by maakrishna