How the Pros Repair Glass

If you think your glass is worth saving, contact a reputable glass repair company and see what magic they can work.


Don’t toss that broken glass in the recycling bin just yet! With expert glass repair, your precious tabletops, shelving, shower doors and even heirloom glass pieces can be saved. However, bear in mind that sometimes broken glass is a lost cause. If you think your glass is worth saving, contact a reputable glass repair company and see what magic they can work. Sometimes a glue-based process can save the day, and sometimes you really need glass replacement—not repair.

Start by asking yourself if repairing it is really worthwhile. It’s not always easy or cost effective to go the repair route. Keep repairs for family heirlooms, tough to replace items and pieces of sentimental value. While there are some DIY routes, such as using an epoxy glue designed for glass, it’s usually best to hand it over to a pro. Epoxy works in a pinch can be very effective and needs just 24 hours to fully dry.

A Home-Based Approach

If you want to give glass glue a try, make sure you have all supplies necessary depending on the glue you choose. Epoxy dries solid and clear, but you need a flat-edged tool (like a paint scraper) and rubber gloves. Some people also pick up a glass cutter if they need to match etchings. Scrape any excess glue that spills out when you press the pieces together, and always use gloves—otherwise, you might land yourself in the emergency room with a piece of glass firmly attached to your finger.

Want to leave this task to a professional? They may suggest taking out all existing glass shards and finding (or creating) a replacement piece. Cracks, serious damage, and chips can’t always be fixed. If you choose this route, make sure every last, tiny shard is removed. Your glass expert will cut the new glass piece to size, fit it into place and secure it with metal pins or grooves—voila! Your glass piece is just like new.  

A Treasure Hunt

Of course, actually finding those replacement pieces of glass can be a challenge. Let glass replacement pros take care of the work for you. They have methods to quickly locate replacement pieces, even if you want a vintage piece of glass that’s most similar to the broken piece. They’ll take exact dimensions and customize the new piece to perfectly suit what you want. Many customers find they love the replacement piece even more than the original.

Remember that just because the glass element of a piece of furniture is broken, that doesn’t mean the quality bones aren’t still in place. Today’s glass is designed to break (when it does) in a gummy pattern to minimize injuries. Some people choose to replace vintage glass that’s in perfectly good condition with this shatterproof option, especially if there are children in the house. There’s no comparison between today’s glass, which is much more durable, and glass pieces of yesteryear.  

So should you repair or replace? That’s up to you, your glass expert and just how extensive the damage is.

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