Before you begin to sit down and write your email sales letter, you MUST determine exactly who your target audience is. This is the real master key to getting the results you need from your email marketing. However, this is only one of the key stages you need to go through to create your perfect copy. So stay with me as I now reveal to you the simple 8 step process ANYBODY can undertake and master, to create irresistible email copy every time.

Step No 1. – Who are You Talking To?

Ask the following questions to yourself:

– What are your target market looking for?
– What does your customer / prospect want?
– What pain is your prospect looking to relate?
– What are your competitors doing?
– What products are already out there?
– What frustrates your prospects / customers most?
– Who else is selling something similar to you?
– Why should your prospects / customers believe you?
– What kind of appearances will your target market respond to?

Step No 2. – Start With a Great Subject Line

The whole point of sending an email is for it to be read. If you’re emails are not getting opened you do not have a business. Before an email can generate results, the recipients need to read it. But what can you do to spark their interest?

The SUBJECT LINE is the Master key.

I see many emails which fail to realize that the subject line exists for only one purpose, and that is TO GET YOUR EMAIL OPENED. However, there are also many formulas you can use with your subject line to achieve this, far too many to list here, so I will concentrate on MY top four.

Each one has a different psychological appeal to the reader but ALL work like magic:

AND these are as follows:

A) State a powerful benefit – “You Can Generate Hundreds of Leads With This FREE System”

B) Pique curiosity – “How This Former Homeless Guy Has Uncovered the Secrets of Success”

C) Write Your subject Line From a News Point of View – “Discover The Latest in Video”

D) Gratify Immediate – “With This Latest System, You Can Begin Earning IMMEDIATELY!”

So after reading the above examples (and there are many more) I would like to give you a small homework assignment: Write at least 25 SUBJECT LINES which you can use in your marketing campaign. Take the top two and do a split test.


Step No 3. – Make it Emotional.

Buying decisions are usually based on EMOTIONS (that’s why you will often see people buying what they want as opposed to what they need) So, when promoting anything to anyone, you must decide, beforehand, exactly which emotional buttons you are going to press. For example: When selling health supplements, you could press the “fear of sickness” button, with a subject line of “A Natural Way to Save Your Eyesight.” Or you could hit the “anger” button with a subject line that says: “Is Your Tap Water Making You Sick”. Other buttons can include emotions such as: curiosity, greed, ego, vanity, hope, fear of scarcity or security.

Step No 4. – What’s in it For Your Customer?

You need to sit down and write down every single conceivable benefit, you can think of, that your product has. Do not become confused at this point between features and benefits. If you do not know the difference know, here is a VERY brief explanation:

Features describe the product; Benefits describe the results of using the product. Benefits appeal to emotions, so your emails must ALWAYS be benefited driven, as EMOTION drives sales. Features only appeal to logic.

A general rule of thumb to follow for the benefits of your product, is to ask yourself “What can my product or service do for my customer?” Then you simply write your sales letter telling your prospect EXACTLY WHAT`S IN IT FOR THEM. You can tell them how much better their life will be once they begin to use your product, how much better they will feel, etc.


Step No 5. – Gain Your Customers Trust.

How do you do that exactly? Well there are three tried and trusted ways with which you can build trust:

– Provide valid testimonials.
– Include endorsements from other authoritative figures within your marketplace.
– Include the ability for your prospect to easily contact you. (& Be available when they do)

Step No 6. – The Eyes Have it!

Large blocks of words are intimidating to most people. Usually when reading your email people will “skim” over your copy, so you need to break it up easily easily read sentences and paragraphs, otherwise you will send your readers directly to the delete button.

The solution is this: Split your paragraphs into two to four sentences. Also use several different subheadings throughout. You can use asterisks, bullet points, ellipses etc, to give your email more flow and rhythm. All of these methods and symbols make your email more eye-catching, but importantly EASIER to read.

Step No 7. – Guarantee!

You simply MUST offer a guarantee with your product in today’s markets. If you do not, you are leaving potentially an awful lot of money on the table. And the stronger your guarantee, the better your response will be. And, although this is hard to believe, most people will not ask for a refund, because you have built some trust and they know from your guarantee that you stand behind your offer.

Do not spend too long thinking about what sort of guarantee you can offer. You can offer anything from 24 hours to 12 months. But remember this very interesting fact before you decide: The longer the time period, the fewer refund requests you will receive, as generally the more time your customers and prospects have to make the request, the fewer will actually do so.


Step No 8. – Do not Forget to Ask for The Order!

I’ve seen this happen so many times before, someone makes a fantastic sales presentation, and then does not close the deal because they did not ask for the order at the end or even during the presentation, in the first place.

So make sure you provide ample opportunity for your customers to buy, give them different options through your sales copy. Make it clear how easy it is to order and let them know when and how they can dot RIGHT NOW! Describe it in detail, ask for the order, and then ask again.

I hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

All the best.

Source by J Leuty