Acid reflux is not limited to adults only, it also happens to children and even babies, which is why you need to be used to the diverse symptoms that can be observed when your child experience it. Several of the most usual symptoms of acid reflux in children is the difficulty in swallowing or eating and accompany with vomiting; as a result, if you do not be acquainted with how to treat acid reflux in children, then your child may ultimately lose weight and be deprived of the sustenance that he requires in order to have a usual and healthy growth.

On your end, the best thing that you can do is to make some modifications, especially in your child’s food and his eating routines. For one, once you observe signs that show your child has acid reflux, you should not give him or her spicy and oily foods, since such categories of foods will just increase his or her stomach acid content. Apart from that, it is also best to let your child drink plain water and avoid drinking caffeinated and soft drinks. Please do not feed your little with any acidic food such as tomato or tomato-based sauces and oranges.

When your child has acid reflux, it is very much recommended not to place much pressure on his stomach, since it will just make the condition even worse. Hence, it is best if he eats with reduced quantities of foodstuffs, but the time interval between mealtimes should be cut down to 2 or 3 hours, so that acid accumulation would be avoided. Becoming over hungry will raise the level of acidity, which is why it is best for him/her to eat 5 to 6 small meals per day, as an alternative to just 3 big meals. Let your child eats some fresh basic fruits, yogurt or high fiber biscuit as snack in between meals, so that he/she will not feel too starving and over-eat later.

Before your child goes to bed, make certain to check his sleeping situation, since his head should be held up at approximately 30 degrees. This kind of head placing will avert the acid from his stomach to go to his esophagus.

Keep in mind that these are the healthy practices that you should do on how to treat acid reflux in children. Even if these practices really effective, it is still advisable to visit your GP, as he may possibly suggest prescription pills such as H2 blocker or antacid so that your child’s condition can be cured.

Source by David Chin