When a person or alcoholic is drunk there is a breakdown of toxins is left in the liver. The accumulation of chemicals in the liver is responsible for the stumbling and sick feeling.

Liver damage can be caused by taking supplements and other drugs. It’s almost funny that those who are the most health conscience can be damaging their liver. Actually, this is not funny in any way. It is a serious concern.

I will list the details below of phase I and phase ii program to detoxify the liver which will lead to better health and longer happier life. If you have a runny nose, allergies, or a headache in a chronic way this may be a sign of toxins building up in your body. A liver detox treatment may be a good idea.

There are many situations which could aggravate the liver function. Air pollution, which is not always associated with liver stress or damage can cause the liver to have to work a lot harder than it should. The gall bladder uses amino acids to help the liver to work more effectively.

Great Looking Skin

A youthful look with is the result of a good liver detoxification. Toxins will build up under the skin. This process allows your skin to give a “glow” which others interpret as a healthy look. The body and liver have a choice; focus on clearing toxins or living a healthy life.

There is a supplement that will help liver function. It does not cure the liver disease but it will help the liver to work better and easier. Milk Thistle is the name. It is available in pill form or in a tea. I know, it’s a strange name but it does do the liver well. Free radical build up can lead to cancer, heart disease, and other joint problems. There is also a compound in the milk thistle that is used to help patients with Hepatitis B and or C.

Phase I Detoxification

Eating the correct food is a part of the detoxification phase I diet plan. Cabbages, broccoli, oranges, and other vegetables will help to detoxify the liver. This is not a magic formula but simply a diet that includes sensible eating.

Phase II Detoxification

The gall bladder adds the bile to the liver which in turn makes it turn into a water substance which then can be excreted out of the body was solid or liquid via the kidneys.
Glutathione conjugation is the chemical that is responsible for making this happen.


With the right diet of fruits and vegetables as well as “good” fats, such as olive oil, you will be on your way to better health. Don’t forget to flush out the toxic stuff in your body be performing these cleanings periodically. In due time, your body will heal.

There are many reasons to detox the liver or even other organs in the body. Basically, it is an indication to eat better and live in cleaner air. The detox should be the start of a lifestyle change.

Source by Jack Ryan