How to do prayer, how to pray would have sounded better isn’t it? Now the writer is not stupid, can’t write good English. Before you go about condemning the writer or may go ahead and edit it to help the writer, maybe you want to read a little further to find out for yourself if the writer is stupid or a bad English teacher. If you read both clearly and with a second thought in mind, you will find out that the writer is not just trying to explain to you how to pray, but the writer is bringing prayer to you in a different dimension. how to do prayer sounds like an obligation and a duty, isn’t it? At least to all those whom by now have understood what the writer is actually writing about. If you have, if you have not, read on!


Prayer is an obligation and a duty to all Christians. Learning How to do Prayer and not just how to pray is very vital to your success as a Jesus Christ follower (Christians). Jesus life on Earth while he was carrying out his Earthly ministry gives us a clear insight that Jesus was not just teaching his Disciples how to pray but how to do prayer. He prayed for hours, sometimes his Disciples could not even keep up with him and at specific times.

You might also want to pray the way Jesus did, and you must not pray for hours every day, but at least make it consistent, by praying every day and during certain periods of the day. The best times of the day to do prayer are in the morning, when you just get out of bed, at night before you get to bed, 12:00 – 2:00 in the night or any other that is convenient to you, during the day, you could sing hymns and pray short prayers especially prayers of intercession of the things you see during the day that needs a supernatural attention.

If you have also bordered to take note, Jesus got an answer each time he prayed. In other to be effective with your walk with Jesus Christ and receive results from your prayers as he did, bottom line, knowing how to pray can’t get this task accomplish, you will have to go a little further by learning, training yourself on how to do prayer.”

Practice makes perfect. Pray even in times you don’t feel like praying, only then can you get into the business of doing prayer.

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Source by Njut Tabi Godlove