How To End A Marriage Gracefully And With Love

Live and let your partner live peacefully


Ending a marriage is very difficult for most spouses to do. There are many who find it challenging to do so because it’s hard to believe the relationship they once had is no more. They also in most instances still have feelings for their partner and want to end the relationship gracefully.

Unless there has been abuse in the relationship or in some cases infidelity, most people don’t want to hurt their spouse. Ending a marriage where abuse is present is somewhat of a relief, but is still difficult for most, because at some point in the marriage, love and affection were present.

How To End a Marriage Gracefully and With Love

Don’t Blindside Your Spouse

Marriage was designed to last forever but we know by statistics that it doesn’t always turn out that way. Marriage is one of the most important commitments one will make in his or her life.

Ending a marriage should be well thought through and not a surprise to your spouse. There should be no assumptions made that your spouse knows you aren’t happy. Being unhappy is a poor reason to end a marriage unless couples have done their best to fix marital issues.

Respect Your Spouse When Ending a Marriage

Divorce can turn into a nightmare if not managed properly. Although the relationship is ending, you will forever be a part of each other’s lives. You most likely have family, friends or other common interest that will result in your need to be together.

Let your interactions be as peaceful and respectful as possible. Make sure you respect your spouse’s stuff, time, and feelings. Ending a relationship can cause feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, and bitterness to the surface.

Do your part in not contributing or feeding these negative emotions while ending your marriage.

Make Sure It’s What You Must Do

Ending a marriage is not something that has to be done but is more of a choice one or both spouses make. There are many who choose to divorce instead of fighting for their marriage.

If you haven’t given it your all to save your marriage then you are taking the easy road out (sorry to sound judgmental). It’s not my intention to insult but I’ve seen divorce first hand when my parents got divorced. It was not done gracefully or with love and I don’t wish to see anyone go through what our family did.

Source by D P Haynes