I once wondered how to get my ex back after I had a quarrel with her sometime ago. My ex girlfriend actually loved me so much. I too loved her with passion. We met in a most unusual circumstance. We liked each other and decided to move along.

As we continued in our relationship, I started noticing some unruly behavior in her. She always likes me to focus attention on her all the time. She frowns her face each time I answer a call from other ladies. Even when I greet a lady on the way, she feels so jealous. From time to time she takes my phone and checks my inbox. She reads my SMS to friends and relatives. One day she read a text message from another lady who’s only a casual friend of mine. Actually that lady wanted me so badly but I don’t really like her. I had nothing to do with the lady but she keeps sending me lovely messages. When my girlfriend saw one of the texts, she became very jealous. She was also very angry. She started thinking I’m having an affair with that other lady. This sparked up a quarrel between us. Before too long we broke up.

After some weeks of the breakup, I discovered I still want my ex back. I began looking for clues on how to get my ex back. I read some tips online. I also make some inquiries from friends. The first step I took was to keep calm. I behaved as if nothing serious happened. This silence created a longing in my heart. I simply decided to keep calm and watch what will happen.

As time went on, my ex started to check on me through her close friends. I found out that she still loves me but she’s not all that keen to show it. I still kept mute. At this point, I started reviewing the reason for our breakup. I read a lot about ladies and their behavior. I discovered that most ladies want their men all to themselves. A lady won’t like to share his man with another lady. I also found that ladies are jealous when you have relationship with other women. I decided to change my approach to my relationships. I discovered that I owe my girlfriend the duty of loving her unconditionally. I actually improved on myself. I stop sending casual and lovely text messages to other ladies. I also shunned other ladies from sending me love messages that could jeopardize my relationship. In fact, I improved in every aspect of my life.

The news of my improvement got to my ex through her friends. Before I know it, my ex started longing more of me. She sent me a text message showing how sorry she is for the break up. She also reaffirmed her love for me. I also found out that I still cherish her a lot. I had no other option but to call her back for a chat. I won her love back through this means. Ever since then, we’ve been moving along. We keep learning new ways of making our relationship grow. That’s the story on my love encounter. I hope you too have learned something from this. You can as well get your ex back if you apply the tips discussed above.

Source by Jon Marsh