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Left-hand fingers in the position of the fretboard called the bit. Close to the headstock of the bit is low, to near the piano for the high to the horse. Change from one place to another to the bit, called for the. For the position of the means, for example, for the empty string, with the means for the different means and harmonics for the other. For the time needed to produce non-musical portamento, is a sign of lack of skills training. Portamento can make the connection between sound and the sound varied, adding a beautiful over. Especially in the context of the use of portamento, is a means of expressive playing.

Any art is the art of emotion. Violin Art as well. Violinist Sheng Zhongguo remark: “Let the children piano, is not created primarily for violinists, but to bring people and music for great people to cultivate the role of temperament, will make people a feeling rich people, a style, and taste of the person, a compassionate person. “ancient songs that spread masterpiece, and both are full of emotion.

Feelings into the music composers, performers have to play With the same feelings in order to maximize the performance or “restore” the emotional music. If the players lack investment in the truth, machine Chinese papers Alliance finishing to play, even if there are another high-performance skills, more use of various methods, nor will really move people, cause emotional resonance. Thus, in violin teaching, students must pay attention to the cultivation of emotion, so that they understand the meaning of music.

In this way, their performance in the future in order to make the work of the most profound sense shown shocked the audience.

Violin teaching, culture, and art of teaching a combination of teaching, teaching, and emotional skills is a combination of teaching. Too much emphasis on techniques and methods are not correct or emotional, must take into account the multi-party, it was possible to train outstanding violin talent.

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