Human lifestyle and societal situations have evolved in such a way, that how much you weigh or what one’s body fat percentage is, has gained a significant meaning in many people’s lives. More than how one looks or feels; it is the fundamental basis of the quality of human health and what one is capable of doing in the world. A majority of the chronic diseases in the world today are in some way influenced by how one keeps their system’s nutrition, exercise and weight status related to it. Managing some of these aspects has tremendous implications in terms of achieving good overall health and well-being.

Weight loss and its requirement may not be applicable to everyone but to find out if it is something one needs to look into, a simple way to know is by calculating one’s BMI or Body Mass Index. BMI calculators are easily available online or are even calculated on many modern days weighing scales. A healthy BMI number is considered to be one from 18.5 to 25. If it is from 25 to 30, it is considered overweight and anything above this is obese. If one is in the latter two categories than they are at a higher risk of having heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers.

So what is it that is leading to a greater number of individuals gaining weight and having noncommunicable, chronic diseases? The modern day lifestyle owes itself to people living in a way that is not in tune with requirements of the human body. A lack of balance in terms of nutrition is one reason; excess eating and the wrong kind of foods are another reason. By the wrong kind of foods we do not mean any food is bad or good, there are just certain foods or drinks that are not suitable for the human system beyond a limit such as processed food. Another facet is the lack of movement and exercise with much of today’s generation working with technology and on workstations that do not allow much physical activity in one’s life. Hence achieving a balance between a healthy nutritious diet and keeping physically active throughout each day can greatly assist in living a healthy life with a normal weight.

Here are a few focus points upon which one can assist their own weight loss and achieve good health:

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