There are a lot of companies out there these days that label themselves a florist but that list gets dwindled down when you are planning for a big event such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary. You can trust your local company for a nice delivery of a special occasion arrangement but it will take a lot more work on your part to hire a company you can trust with your flower needs on a large event with a lot of centerpieces and decorating pieces.

While most people do in fact trust a florist that has a place to hang up their “Open” sign, this is not a prerequisite when it comes to larger events. Most of the time, these professionals may be working all hours of the night at the venue itself and possibly spending money on overhead for a store is not in their business plan. Do not rule out businesses on the fact that they do not have a store.

One way to rule out a florist away from recommendations and pictures of their work is if they have their own equipment such as delivery trucks. The last thing you want to worry about on your special day is knowing that your flowers are out there somewhere but everything is dependent on an outside vendor to supply a truck or van. This is perhaps more important than having a company location.

As mentioned the most important thing that you can do to secure a vendor for your special occasion is work with past references. Having a personal recommendation and a lot of pictures from a previous event is of great comfort if you are going for a specific look. Doing all this research about your vendor you will know if this is a contact that works well both professionally and personally in order to maintain referrals along with past and happy customers.

Perhaps the one thing that people look for most in a florist is of course the type of material they have on hand and what they like to work with. While this is of great importance it is also essential to look at the entire business if you want to guarantee that there will be no worries for you event.

Source by Charles Cheow