I understand that it is hard when your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you. I have been there numerous times in the past. It never got anymore pleasant as time went along. The thing you need to realize is that many of those break-ups could have been salvaged if I had acted according to a certain set of principles that almost guarantees that they come running back into your arms. You need to learn those principles for this or all future breakups. There is no problem that cannot be overcome in order to get that person back to you. The success will come in how you react after a breakup.

Whatever you don’t start acting like a basket case crying and slobbering all over yourself and everyone around you. That is just not attractive and it will get you nowhere in the process of getting your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend to come back to you. Next, give them some space so that they can think and you can clear your head. Try to work on any issues that the ex-head with your personality and work on making changes so that they can see you are making them. Don’t follow them around because they will without a doubt start saying you are a stalker.

All relationships can be salvaged. There is not a single issue that cannot be worked through if you know how to handle them. There are a handful of techniques that pretty much guarantee that your ex will come running back to you if you use them properly. Chances are that you have never heard of them. They are cutting edge and almost devious but they work and that is the important thing because you want your ex back more than anything. Learn these techniques.

Source by Chris Abbott